Who wrote the BL3 main campaign?

I always saw Borderlands (story wise) as smaller stories involving characters and situations connected to a bigger overall story. In BL1, it centers around this backwater planet that had been left ruined due to corporate greed, and abandonment, that supossedly contains a secret alien Vault that everyone is after. You are introduced to various characters, concepts and lore, but there isn’t a ton of great story. It’s a small story taking place in a much bigger universe. The DLCs do some more story building as well.

Bl2, you have the story of Jack and Angel, which connects back to BL1 and it’s characters and what Jack is trying to accomplish and you get some of the WHY. There is more universe/lore building in the side missions, echo logs, DLC and etc… Just like the first, its a small story told in a much bigger universe, and you start to see things kinda getting ties together.

TPS fleshes out jacks story more in the main story, and per the usual, we get more lore/universe building in the usual means, like the first 2 games. Its still a small story, without tons of answers to the big questions about the ever growing lore of the universe thats being created. This is the running theme so far.

TFTBL is a different kind of game, but the storytelling is every bit the same here. Small story about specific characters, with various bits and pieces to tie it to the other games, expand on the lore created and set ups for the future games.

So far…all of this continues to be the case in BL3. Nothing has changed. Honestly, I just think people were expecting more because it took so long, and they kept calling it “THE BIG ONE”

From my perspective, how this game was designed…I’m willing to bet their DLC and post release content will serve to build the overall story and lore, plus clue us in on whats been going on with the other characters we’ve met along the way in some form…and likely more so than has been done before, possibly finshing the whole overarching story up. (Like Blizzard has been doing with Diablo and Warcraft)

But, even if it doesn’t, the line we get from Typhon at the end (coupled with the line from the Eridian in TPS ending) clues us in that there is MUCH more to come, be it in upcoming DLC or in BL4

Thats just my opinion though.


Wasted Potential? There was none to begin. There is nothing but naive millennials who think they know “good” representation writing this

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What’s bad writing is projecting a naive, bias, woke view of the world on a story that doesn’t need it. Screwing over characters with others like… Ava. Acting like the past two games never happened. and terrible villians who make humor worse that it is. I respect your opinion, and am happy you found (somehow) enjoyment, but other than that, what are you smoking on?


Talk about the game, not other forum users, please.

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Shouldn’t have to have DLC to complete the story. BL3 pretended nothing happened in the last two games, failing to answer questions


Thats completely false. I’d recommend you do side missions, collect Eridian writings, echo logs, do the trials and etc.

I think the issue is people EXPECTED this game to be the war they heard the Watcher reference, and are upset that it isn’t what they expected. Gearbox never stated that is what this game will be. They are telling fun and interesting stories and introducing interesting characters as they slowly build the overall story and lore over time. The way they’ve literally always done it. If they did everything in this game, there would be no need for DLC or another sequel in the future.

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Well, I’m currently smoking the business end of a rocket for our functionality tests, but I don’t think that has anything to do with my opinion.

Bad writing and good writing is subjective. A good example of this is something like Kung Fury. It’s designed to be bad and it’s done well, which makes it good writing. Look at The Room. It was designed to be good and ended up being so bad it eventually became a quoted cult classic, in a way making it “good.”
As far as I’m concerned, I walk into games with my only expectation being to enjoy myself. I don’t bother thinking twice about wokeness or bias of how a game approaches something because as far as I’m concerned, the real world’s physics and interactions work nothing like they do in game so why should the people? I never cared I was playing some badass man when playing doom, a game where I travel to hell and kill demons (which, to be fair, does feel normal for Florida). I don’t care that I’m playing some badass woman when playing Metroid, a game where I kill weird space pirates and floating jellyfish that suck the life out if things.

And the game doesn’t pretend the first two games didn’t happen. It builds on them. Although, to be fair, there are quite a few retcons and, as people have noted, when the Watcher tells people there’s gonna be a war and they need to gather up as many vault hunters as possible, scattering everyone to different planets isn’t the best bet.

So, to be clear here, as long as I enjoy a game and its writing presents its world to me the way I receive it, I consider it good writing. No, it isn’t flawless, nothing is. I didn’t laugh at all the jokes and I didn’t enjoy all the characters. In my eyes, if you cannot see the flaws in the good, you are blinded by bias; and if you cannot see the good in the bad, you are, once again, blinded by bias.


It sucked.
I bought it about 3 weeks ago, It’s already back on the shelf.
It’s the first time I don’t want to play through the main story again, and due to the awful main story, I don’t even want to level up another character… It’s that bad…

I have 700 hours played of BL2 and probably another 1000 or so in BL1 (can’t know how much time I spent for XBOX…), so… If I get tired after 3 weeks of playing (probably even less, I think it’s 2 weeks at best), you can trust that there is something really really really wrong with this game…

It’s a shame that the gameplay was so good!!!


I don’t get how people aren’t disappointed like I know they didn’t say that this was the big one but come on they had a long time to look to see what the fans wanted in forums eg. Reddit even here but they have seem to have not done it I haven’t been the most loyal borderlands player but when I came back two years ago I was completely in love with it I played 1 2 and TPs and tbh I got so into it I spent all night watching lore Vids about the “big one” bl3 like cmon the watcher literally said a war bl3 was not that there was no connection to TPS no mention of the watcher surely Lilith was confused about what it was and what war was coming and surely she would’ve mentioned it in the commander Lilith dlc but nope not at all as we know it takes place after the watcher as sanctuary was destroyed or ruined I can’t really remember but there was no mention of it but I truly believe that bl3 is only setting the scene for the bl4 where the war will happen or I’m god dam hoping for cause i can’t hold on anymore I want to see it if u read this all then pls let me know what u think about it thx

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BL3 changed the kind of story it was telling. People say Jack carried the story of 2 but not really - all the stories have been about adventurers looking for a vault. And the vault has been the end goal. But in Borderlands 3, it became very much good guy vs bad guy as Tyreen wants to destroy the entire universe for a very flimsy reason. We were the heroes which felt out of place in this kind of universe.

For example, in 2 you could say Brick is a good guy…but then you’re reminded how he tore Hyperion officials limb from limb in front of their loved ones and killed people for fun. But he is on you - the players - team.

But then in 3, not only did we get new characters and vault hunters who lacked any interesting background but we changed characters we already knew to fit the narrative. Lilith in 3 doesn’t feel like the same person - which yes they’ve had 7 years as leader to change - but she changed to someone boring. In the trailers, she was much more badass and fiery which is what people loved about her. She was powerful, she was a bit of a dork and we were reminded often that despite being an all powerful siren she was still human. With her love of BnB, how she awkwardly flirts with Roland, how she is just learning about her powers thanks to eridium and how it was awesome to her. That’s only one character example - but Lilith is the biggest example to me.

Now the new characters…they are also really boring to me. The previous games added some depth to their characters in some way. Tina had the doctors orders mission to add a bit of back story to her, Torgue even gets some character when we learn about why he became interested in explosions. Hell even Pre Sequel, which is a really underrated game that I wish we could have seen more from, added a lot to characters. Claptraps DLC fleshed him out more, Axton and Gaige voice overs gave us more insight into their personality and the vault hunters we were playing were all really interesting and tied into the universe in some way.

The story itself wasn’t a terrible idea but it was poorly executed for me. Getting to a vault was always the end goal and when we got there it was something crazy and wild…but even the vaults themselves arenplain and boring compared to the last ones. I’d have been fine with the story they had - or at least the direction they were going to - if they just gave some life to the characters. 2’s story was good but it was the characters that brought it to life. If they focused more on the characters and how they all work together - rather than just hand picking the sirens (and making one siren in order to be relevant) to be center stage only - would have helped massively.

Even Troy and Tyreen weren’t bad on paper, their characters were just not given enough development. And you needn’t much either - make Tyreens preppy streamer attitude a mask for her insatiable need to kill via her powers. And with Troy, they really did start to make him more interesting and I felt he was more a villain than Tyreen. Tyreen has zero effect on me - most of Troy’s actions were what made the story progress. Maya, attack at Jacobs manor, creating anointments and telling Tyreen to throw more your way, using his own sister to open the vault and you had to fight him to stop that…against Tyreen who…well she goaded you and killed Typhon?

You could create the most interesting story in the world with big plot twists left and right…but if the characters are flat and non engaging, the story suffers for it. And I think that’s what happened for 3 unfortunately.


i agree that the writing is sooooo inconsistent and weak, but there are some parts i really like it

i.e Rhys and Katagawa,Balex and Geniviv etc but i want to say one thing i love every Voice Actor/Actress in this game, they did an amazing job imo especially Ice-T kudos to all of them, even tho i don’t like Ava as character i liked her VA

It’s a enormous wasted potential. The game has everything great. Graphics, music, design, loot, etc. Except for the story and how badly it handled old characters, and completely ignoring others that still should be part of this, as the story always made us to believe Vault hunting is the most thrilling thing to do in the universe, but at the start there’s only Lilith and no one else who was playable in the previous games…


It was interesting catching up with the Borderlands Show episode 2 with Randy Varnell, where he talks a LOT about the process of writing the story, and some very specific stuff around the Twins as the villains and Lilith’s story arc. I feel like that made the story make more sense for me, but it seems like there still isn’t enough dialogue in game to effectively sell that version? For reference it’s in this video and the stuff about Lilith (following up with the Twins, Typhon, and Ava) starts at about 39 minutes.

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I was fine with it, except for a few things:
Ava and everything involving her. She was handled badly, basically a mary sue insert that killed Maya and is never called out for it.
Ending was also bad, as somehow Ava knew enough about what Lilith was doing (that was still never explained) to tell Tannis (of all people) what was going on with vague bs explanations.
Also lilith giving sanctuary to her is nonsensical.

Only other issue I had with the story is about how Lilith ‘saved’ pandora in some unspecified way, but they kinda wrote themselves into a corner by having Tyreen break the machine key. Personally I think it would have been better to have her show up earlier, kill Typhon, force the VHs to go kill her, and have the VHs go back to Necrotafeyo after killing her to activate the machine and stop the Destroyer from getting out.
The fusion thing at the end was very underwhelming with all the hype the destroyer was given lore-wise, I can only speculate that Tyreen only managed to absorb a small part of it.


Elpis was apparently going to crash in to Pandora. (Either that or explode and shower Pandora with the debris, which would be just as bad.)

Like I said, the writers’ intent is a bit clearer after watching the relevant part of the BL show video. A bit frustrating that it takes that to catch up with some key story points though.

Or it absorbed her… Who knows? That was plain weird.

I got that Elpis was on a collision course, I’m still not sure what Lilith did. Did she turn herself into a shield? She just flew up to Elpis and then there was a firehawk symbol on it.

Speaking of, what happened to the people of Elpis?

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I guess someone at Gearbox decided that this is the greatest death scene ever and throw it on Lilith because “reasons”.


so true, i really like how randy varnell described the story. i think if those ideas were communicated better the story would be improved a ton

Borderlands Show episode 2 was the most cringeworthy.

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Have to agree with you there. Seems to have gotten better with EP 4-5. It sounds like they may bring some of the older characters back for the next DLC. Don’t know who though, guess Pax East should reveal something.