Who You Gonna Call? (Achievement)

(TRUE VAULT HUNTER MODE) Hi guys, is there a Who you gonna call achievement on Steam? if yes, please help me get this achievement
i need 3 players, i’m level 41
Steam IGN: Tan8_197

All of my characters are level 60 (and one level 9), but I’m down to tag along just to get the body count to four (I won’t shoot anything unless you’re all about to die if you like, and I’ll even forego using Claptrap). :leopard:

My availability will be spotty this weekend (the weather is awesome, there’s a mountain bike convention in a nearby town, and I have family in to visit). Do you have a date/time that you’d like to try this?

I can help, lvl 60 wilhelm with my own e gun, diogenes49 on steam

Wintypes/Ha_Na, usually online on CET evenings

Same situation. I´m a LV 50 Fragtrap. Also usually online CET evenings

On steam as The_Soulforged