Who you gonna call? achievement

Only achievement I have left in this game as of right now, need people to play with. Gamertag is N1GH7CRAWLER


I’ve been looking for a group for that as well, Gamertag is Vengeful Yoda

Been looking for a group as well gamertag is Gerry92 and I can bring in a second controller if needed

I am also looking to do this achievement GT A Precursor

anybody still need this achievement on Xbox 360 add: Major Itchybitz I have 2 controllers

Add me for the achivement as well
GT : enablingrhyme44

Anyone still trying to get this? I’m playing on normal mode right now, just want the achievement. Add me bucksatan11.

Hi guys. I’m playin Borderlands TPS on Xbox360. I’m lookin for people to do this, just one guy with a 2nd controller would be great (cause I have one too). I got the mission ready in all the difficulties… GT: masspoke
I can also help with the other though achievement

hello i’m lookin for people to help me with this achievement for the 360. GT is xWoodenLionx

Looking for people for this achievement as well 360 GT: Zoa376

Im still looking for someone to help me get this achievement on 360. I have an extra controller so I only need two more people. My GT is ToneDef98