Who You Gonna Call? Hidden Trophy Need Help

Looking for a few people willing to run this mission with me so that I can finish out my trophies for this game. Please and thank you!!

My PSN is “Sharin6Is9Carin”…don’t judge…made it like 7 years ago…wish I could change it without losing all my trophies. Anyways feel free to shoot me a message if you are able to run this mission with me, we need 4 total.

if you had 2 controllers and a friend with 2 that be easier. i have the trophy but i still can help.

Right!? I have an extra controller myself but in need of that extra 2 people. Or, another person with 2 controllers lol

You can actually get this by yourself, just have to login with 3 guest/sub-accounts:


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I will have to try that later this week when I get on!!