Who you gonna call? Ps4 hidden trophy

Hello all I need people to help me get this last trophy i need for borderlands pre sequel. I believe you have to be at least lvl 17 or higer and you gotta make sure you havent done the mission already. The mission is called sub-level 13 part 2 and Pickle is the one who gives it to you. The trophy requires four people to complete the mission together. Let me know if anyone is interested.

I can help. ^^^ thats my psn. Just need 2 more. I might have 1 that can help

Sweet ill add you. Unfortunetly i dont have any friends who play borderlands so its just me and you for now.

I’ll ask a couple of my friends to help

Alright let me know what they say. I added you btw im Tmoneybagz-_-.

You folks get this already? I’ve got a second controller & can act as two players if needed. (Apparently this can be done with 1, logging others in as ‘guest’ but that seems complicated!) Friend me (with note in request it’s for BL TPS trophy) if you still need it. My PSN ID = bevross

Yes we got it. But I will still help. Grab 1 more person. My psn is thatguysh4rk and I should be on around 7pm PST. It is currently 1252pm here