Who you gonna call trophy

Hey! I need three people who would like to do this trophy with me, I have it on my true vault hunter mode and I’m level 51 but your level doesn’t really matter as long as you are there (:

I would like that trophy too.
psn: urban-stag
U.S. central time zone

Sorry for late reply man and yeah thanks for helping :slight_smile: just need two more

I think there were a couple others on here looking for the trophy too. Let me know whenever ya get it worked out. I’m level 70 and reset uvhm so I’m not quite to that mission yet.

if you still need it, I need it too
psn: madbomb122

Yes, I would like to have it. Next time I’m on psn I’ll friend you. I would have to join you, I don’t have it open yet, ( will that matter ? ).

Hey ill like to join
My psn is Virtualman117

It looks like we have enough to do it now haha we just need to figure out a time to suit, I’m on now I’ve any of you are

If ya see me on send an invite.

Yeah sure, did you add me yet?