Whoa is Bee...to bee or not to bee

So I’ve tried farming the radio guy at least 40 times now…He’s at level 52 and I’m in TVHM. I’ve tried melting him, electrifying him, burning him, slagged and tagged him and even perforated him extensively…with and without the rare com…no BEE! Okay now here’s the weird part. in normal mode I farmed him 20 times and got 2 BEE’s. a level 29,31 and another 40 from the elder trees in the tina DLC. Whoaaaaa. I’d be willing to trade all three of these lower level Bee’s for one 50…any takers before I pull what hair I have left out?

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I have that lvl 50 for you next time I’m on I think I can get by in uvhm without it.

That’s the only one you have, I don’t want to take it and leave you dry buddy. I know that there’s others on here who have multiple bees. I’m reaching out but if they don’t I’ll “borrow” your bee until I get one to drop!

Maybe if we farm him together the chances will increase and we both may get another one…

I have bees for all my lvl 72 and op8 characters I got that bee on the first kill anyways lol. Don’t worry about taking it from me all I’m gonna do before we start uvhm is do some side quest and get a heartbreaker and a few other guns.

Okay, what’s a heartbreaker and what quest do you do to get it? I also wanted to farm for a sheriff’s badge, a rubi with slag…among others. We can do that after beating tvhm again if you want?

Heart breaker is from a quest that Marcus gives and yeah getting a rubi would be nice but since our turrets can slag getting a slag rubi isn’t needed. And yes we have to kill the warrior so all the quest will be level 50. Will do it when were both on tonight.

The rubi would be for Zero, just watched a video of a guy slagging a large group with the rubi and then going into stealth and killing 6 or 7 in a row by himself staying in stealth mode…it was at level 61.

Oh that’s fine then. Also the heartbreaker is a moxxi shotgun that’s fire only and is really good. It should last about 10 levels in uvhm.

OH YEAH! You know I like the shotties lol

Yeah can’t wait to hit uvhm that’s where the real fun starts.

You know in the cauldron around that elevator gave me fits the other night…I’ve never died that much! I thought it would be easier but those shielded commanders along with badasses = bad time!

Yeah that area is the hardest in the game IMO

I thought it was just me…I’m glad you said that, but it really was just me playing crappy lol

Hey I was playing bad to when we were on the way to the bunker and in the badlands.

Drops from bosses are random. 40 tries is still a small sample. There is nothing wrong going on, you just got unlucky.


I saw that you were on a death wish diving in there so I hung back to revive a few times! We all have nights like that were we just dive head long into danger. It’s a crazy tactic but you pull it off most times!

yeah I know it’s pretty rare and I got lucky, very lucky, in normal mode. I’m just venting a little :slight_smile:

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Just wait till we can get into digi peak lol. It’s gonna be crazy. Also the bee I farmed for you I got on my first try lol.

I hear of that happening quite a bit. Maybe because I have the level 40 bee equipped it doesn’t want to drop another? No, I know it’s just random and RARE! lol