Whole system freeze frequently after Oct 24 patch

It happened for several times this week. Step to reproduce:

  1. Accept the Bloody Harvest quest from Maurice.

  2. Quit to character menu, then quit to game title, press PS button and terminate game.

  3. do something else (launch other game, put PS4 to sleep, etc).

  4. Launch Borderlands 3 and enter game using the character that has Blood Harvest quest.

  5. When loaded, pause game, and press “Yes” when it ask you if you want to apply updates.

  6. Whole system freeze. PS button no response. Nothing else you can do except pull the plug.

Seemed Step 1. is the key to trigger this problem. So far it’s 100% reproducible for me. There are also other crash or freeze after Oct 24 patch, usually happened when map changes, but none will freeze the whole system like that.

I know this doesn’t address the issue, but if you just sit at the main menu (where it says ‘Play’) for a few moments (until the pumpkins show up) rather than going straight into a session and then hitting pause, you should never need to do step 5.

Actually, thinking about this it may be worth trying that to see if it prevents a crash, since then the hotfix would be active before you went into the game while having the Maurice quest active on your character.