Who's about to play GTAV on PC?

I can’t believe there isn’t a topic for this yet.
I’m so psyched for this game, got the 59GB preloaded for 7 hours time and installed a nice new GTX970 just to play this game with all the bells and whistles. :smiley:

So, anyone else about to lose hundreds of hours of their life from midnight tonight UK time (early evening US time)?

Give me 2 years for a sale and 7 years to download it from steam… then game on

Paypal please put my money in so I can download this all day ;-;
I can do this again… but now and not two years ago…

Hmm. Tempting! But: soo many games, so little time. If you ever see me online though, Buzz me.

My Steam name is (GIT)r-man so feel free to add me. :thumbsup:

I’ll be finishing unversity when the game is fully downloaded. Not for now xD

I am enjoying it a lot, the multiplayer helps with slow burning the story. I would dike their UI designer for the game though, R* can’t make a good UI to save their lives. Online UI is such a workflow mess.

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I love my new graphics card :smile: