Who's been going through withdraws?

Anyone with the CTT on their systems occasionally ever start it up for just a small fix? I’ve done it at least 4 times since it ended.


Same here


I haz that feels.

Totally craving the BB right now.

Should we like start a support group?

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I think the only thing that will help at this point is the beta coming out. But after the beta it will start again until the game is released.

But it’s so far away!!!

As far as we know.

What if the server is up and we don’t know it? O_O

Dangit, I was clean for a week. You got me to boot up the client again hoping.

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I’ll probably do it too just to hear the menu song. T_T

I keep thinking, “wait, is Battleborn coming out soon? What should I play until then because I know I won’t play much else for a while after Battleborn releases. Oh right, I should play TPS, BL2, BL1 or Fallout 4. I’m good until then.”

I’m happy knowing that the longer we have to wait, the bigger the improvement from the game we saw in the CTT. I thought it was a fun game from the brief CTT experience, but I’ve already seen “quality of life” improvements in the pvp mode in the videos since.

I’ve been happily playing Deserts of Kharak recently as well, so hopefully that final stretch isn’t that bad. :slightly_smiling:

I don’t wan’t to play the beta. I NEED to play the beta. I realized during the CTT that I haven’t had that much fun in PvP since the OG Monday Night Combat. I honestly can’t wait to play some more.

I am in the same boat with you guys. I follow MentalMars on YouTube and I frequently check his website. He comes out with updates, character profiles, and more on BB. I highly suggest you guys check him out. Might help with the withdrawals lol.


I wasn’t even a PvP player until the CTT hooked me, so I’m slightly concerned as to just how addictive it was! Even tho it was far from perfect, it was the only PvP that I’ve not only been able to survive in, but actually progressed & became quite good at! Yeah, I’ve had that itch ever since & obviously, we can play all the Borderlands to relieve it, but they only compare to BB SP & not that fantastic rush that was the PvP. I’ve been withdrawing with Fallout 4 & Mad Max. Thank the gaming god’s for Shadow of Mordor too. If ever I need a guaranteed buzz from gaming, I can always rely on that, but none of them are PvP. I’m itching to get access to BB Beta & I try to avoid thinking about it. It’s all a matter of patience & belief in that age old adage, ‘good things come to those who wait’. :slight_smile:

No, I quit cold turkey after I found out the CTT was over and I couldn’t play anymore. :dukesad: I’m waiting for the beta to start though.

Cold turkey is to rough on the senses for me. I’ll take the Battleborn patch.

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Cold turkey goes great in sandwiches though
Mm…turkey sandwich and a few sessions on BattleBorn…only 3 months away

Nope, had to delete it right away to clear up some hard drive space. Yall need to occupy your time with something else instead of painstakingly counting down the next 89 days. Why not XCOM 2? Comes out in 2 days and is sure to devour dozens if not hundreds of hours.