Who's going to be your first vault hunter?

With what character will you start the first run of Borderlands 3, guys?

I will start as i allways start borderlands games: Sirens.
For me it will be:
1 - Amara
2 - Zane
3 - Moze
4 - Fl4k

“what!? fl4k for last!?” i hear you say…
well, honestly? yeah.
i feel like i’m one of the few, few, few people that doesn’t like him
to me he feels too mutch as a “i’ll let my pet do 90% of the work for me” …ugh. No please, get him away from me.

And besides…i will play with 2 friends.
one of them loves him and the other loves Moze.

1 month people, hold it together! :blgroup:

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