Who's Going to Choctaw's Battleborn Tournament?

Hey, Badasses!

I haven’t seen much discussion about the Choctaw Gaming Festival that’s coming up, next weekend!

Who’s going? Anyone? Just me??

It’d be awesome to meet other people to hang out with, there! Could also discuss finding roomies to split hotel costs, etc.

If nobody here is gonna be going: might any of you be attending A-Kon in Dallas, TX?? Again, more opportunities to meet up with fellow fans! :+1:


Hey Lemur!

I will be attending and working both events! :slight_smile:


That’s awesome for you to do. I’ll be with DS over there but was planning to do the same just incase ps qualifiers didn’t work out. I know some other people that will be attending but one of them lives around the area and the team will bunk up at their place. I think it would be a good idea to check the discord channels too? I’ll definitely be seeing you at the casino though, should be a lot of fun!


I’ll be there! <3
edit: probably akon too. :slight_smile:

Seriously considering calling in to work cause my vacation days didn’t get approved…and the sad thing is I’m only like 6 hours away too

Welp, my fifth just dropped so I need a teammate. Halp guys!
Ticket is paid for, just show up! :slight_smile:


It’d be a minimum 11 hour flight, a sizeable travel investment and getting a passport (has never left the country) for me to attend so that’s not gonna happen.

But I’ll be there in spirit though and hopefully watching the stream while I’m playing Breath of the Wild 72 hours straight with no sleep!


Good luck to all involved!


Regardless of outcome, it’s going to be such a fun experience for all who attend!




somewhat like this


I’ll be there. :slight_smile:


That changes everything, GUYS I’M IN AND I’M BRINGING @LOWLINES :wink:


I’m still upset that I can’t make it. Even if I’m not going to be playing because I don’t have a PS4 I at least wanted to meet you guys in person. Though there really isn’t much you can do when you’re a high school senior in Oregon :disappointed:.


At least you aren’t an Australian living in Darwin, that’s like * tries to think of an American analogy * …um like living in Hawaii (except hot and humid for most of the year) and wanting to travel to like Comic-Con??

@MentalMars, that’d be some serious globe-trotting to pull that off XD


We got something like that in Holland its called “Texel” you need to get there by boat and it takes like 20min :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont have to play in the tournament, a “Friendly” match against the devs would be fun, but it would be more of a meet&greet with the devs and the community.

20 mins isn’t so bad :slight_smile: It’s a 4-6 hour (minimum) flight for me to anywhere else in Australia…I really need to move at some point :sob:

Just realized I was less than 4 hours hours from you while I was on my trip.
I was going to make a joke about sneaking you back in a suitcase
but with my work right now it’s not like I can go either.
I can easily spare the money just not the time

Lol so you are saying you were in Australia? I’m not sure if President Trump would appreciate people being smuggled into the country in suitcases :smirk:

PAX Aus is late October this year and I really want to see a BB meetup happen this year along with some awesome cosplays (oh crap, people are going to find out the REAL reason I am doing this). Here’s hoping Gearbox has reason enough to come down to Oz to visit then too (ie double up Battleborn and BL3 in one trip). Nintendo has been holding Smash Bros Tournaments last couple of years while promoting their newer games * wink wink, nudge, nudge * :wink:


I was in Indonesia for one part of my buisness trip
I was 4 hours from Oz

I’ve never been to any PAX. Probably should hit up West before I try Aus :smile:

Would like to try my hand at a Oz smash tournie
Show @Ginger_greninja how to play :sunglasses:


Yep you’ll get to experience @Ginger_greninja’s Legendary red bars first hand. :sunglasses: