Who's Going to PAX Aus 2016?

So PAX Aus in Melbourne is like 10 days away! Anybody going?

I still remember last year when the Battleborn display was down for the first day of PAX because the servers were down. It’s too bad we aren’t far enough into Toby’s Friendship Raid reveal for it to be showcased at the expo :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe they are!!

Some day, some day… this place will have quality expos and not the ■■■■ we’re used to.

Lucky you aussies.

I thought PAX Aus was good last year, I didn’t really spend much time on the show floor but I really enjoyed sitting in on all the gaming panels about different issues and seeing some of the game developers in person rather than on the other end of a computer screen. I was very fortunate to get to sit in on a last minute panel with the lead developer on Cuphead :smiley: