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Ok so I just bought BB today for the princely sum of $19. Even though I tested out the beta I wasn’t convinced the game was worth the price tag on release. So I waited till now to pick up Battleborn and currently downloading all the updates.

So…for all the veterans on here how about giving this noob some advice? What character should I focus on first? What’s the current state of BB? Anything I should (or shouldn’t) be doing?

Have to admit I’m kinda worried at some of the forum posts…in particular ones about the game being dead, awkward PVP matchmaking and the like. Guess I only paid peanuts for the game so won’t be that big an issue in the long run. However I do want to try BB out and hopefully fall in love with it.

Your words of advice?



Depends on personal preference. You looking for more damage? Mobility? Support? Hard one to answer so I would just try a few to level 2 or 3 to get a taste and then invest some time with whoever feels right.

Even more complicated of an answer than above! The game, right now, has some fiercely devoted fans left. The devs are also showing quite a bit of devotion however neither side will tell you this game is in a place it should be. Consoles aren’t as bad as PC, but the populations are so low that matchmaking can be hit or miss.
With that out of the way, there are some really cool changes coming to the accessibility of the game. Those changes “should” bring in quite a bit of new blood since, let’s face it, people try out free stuff.
Personally I think they missed two very key windows to do what they’re finally doing, but that’s kind of out of Gearbox’s hands and in the hands of “those who shall not be named” who call the shots for price tags and promos.

Sorry for the longer somewhat complex answer! My gut tells me good things are going to happen right around late January/Early July. (Just going by GB time there.) Once those good things do happen I think we may hit the minimum sustainable population this game needs to see even better things happen. But I will keep that bit of realistic expectation that based on previous “business decisions” this game is going to remain relatively small but will stick around for a while.


Welcome, hopefully it’ll be worthwhile for you as it has to many of us here!

As far as tips for how to approach Battleborn I’d say the following;

  • Start off with the Story missions. It’ll give you the basic feel for the game and how the character, progression and gear systems work.

  • Try different characters. Trying new characters allows you to try different playstyles to try and see which ones fits you best. There’s a winter update coming fairly soon, by then you’ll have all base characters unlocked and can try all of them. I myself for instance am not a huge fan of Oscar Mike, but love Miko.

  • When going in to PvP, I’d suggest quick match. It’s a compilation playlist consisting of “Meltdown”, “Capture” and “Face-Off”. Incursion is a seperate playlist and to my experience tends to draw the more hardcore crowd.
    More specifically, I’d suggest “Meltdown” as it has a clear objective and gives you that objective play that Battleborn is about while also providing a diverse range of things to take into account. A great thing here as well is that it allows for almost any individual playstyle in the game.
    “Capture” and “Face-Off” quite easily turns into a form of Team Deathmatch with a prominent snowballing effect where one team gets completely destroyed, so I’d avoid those game modes until later on. But it can still serve as a purpose to hone your Battleborn-on-Battleborn combat skills, so it"- not the end of the world!

  • When thinking about your gear, there’s one tip and one suggestion I have. The tip is that as far as the story missions go, the gear cost is typically not a problem, allowing you to run 3 legendary pieces of gear (the most expensive in the game at 1800 shards).
    The suggestion is for PvP, where I’d suggest to primarily focus on survival until you got a better grasp of the game. Increased health, shield, damage reduction and health regeneration are things that you can’t typically go wrong with.

That’s what I can think of at the moment. Feel free to ask more questions if they should come up, I’d be happy to answer the, for you as best I can. The tips I gave you is primarily just for your first levels (anywhere from 10-30 or so). It’s not carved in stone by any means and given enough time I’m sure more people will come here and comment on better, more specific gear loadouts for instance.

Anyway, once again, hope it’ll be worth it to you!

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This is a very very important advise. Many beginners jump staight to PvP and get steamrolled by the enemy-team.
To get a hang on the characters skills, movement, skills and helices in Story-missions is a great training AND you get gear to improve stats of your heroes.


Don’t rush it. The score is team based so you don’t necessarily get a higher score for lots of kills. It’s usually better to keep you and your teammates alive and complete the mission. If you fail the mission, you’ll get very little for your time and hard work.

Don’t pick a pure melee character for Algorithm until you’ve figured out both the mission and the melee character (in some other mission).

When you’re ready to try some PvP, first pick private versus and set the mode to either 1v1 or 2v2. This will give you a chance to explore each map and figure out where the various objective points etc are located. It’ll also give you a first look at what it’s like to play against another BB character.

If you are going PvP; killing minions, collecting masks, escorting minions (whatever the mode you’re playing) should your primary focus. Getting kills is nice but you’re pretty much joining the game with a bunch of veterans. Every time you die, you give the enemy xp so they can level up faster than your team. Kills is more the icing on the cake

Just needed to say that…not cause of newbs nowadays or anything…

As for starters. Try them all, especially on the winter update when they unlock the core 25 characters. They all have a different playstyle so you just have to find one that feels right to you.

Good Luck, you’re going to need it when I turn on my PS4 :wink:

As stated above start with story, then I’d just mess with some characters and see what you like

I’d also recommend giving every character several tries and maybe even trying out builds recommended here on the forums - Some characters might seem lame on the first try but once you start getting the hang of them (and unlock their mutations) you really start to have some fun.

It sounds like you are planning to play mainly pvp. If that’s the case, I’ll be honest with you and tell you BB is not newb friendly in this environment.

It might change a little bit with the upcoming update where you will get tutorials but you will still encounter the matchmaking problem. You will get upset, insulted and probably discouraged due to constantly be dying and losing against level 100+ opponents (specially against premades)

If you expect that to happen until you become a skilled pvp player(it will take a long time) than you will enjoy the game afterwards. Otherwise, stick to story pve only.

Agreed. I used my hero key to get Alani. Used her…“if she is a healer…how can her secondary attack (skill) make her a healer by healing 57 health!!!” Raged quit after that.
Long story short. Came back to her 2 months later. Understood ability that allowed me to heal about 800 hp. Wrecked people. Got Master of Alani. :sunglasses:

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Lucky you I paid 30 for it :). Essentially just start the story missions so you can get a feel for the controls. It’s not your typical fps and this game requires finesse as much as strategy. Pick your battles but support your team. You can start with Oscar Mike or Montana, that’s what I did but I also was hesitant to try the melee characters because I like distance so ultimately it comes down to preference. Just keep trying and your confidence grows as you play. Welcome to Battleborn, friend!

There is a huge update coming within the next week or 2 weeks. It will unlock all the core characters, change many things and character balancing. So just have fun and play story and get a lot of gear so when the update drops you would be ahead of the game.

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Step 1: Pick Toby.
Step 2: …
Step 3: Profit.

…Unless there is a Mellka, Marquis, or Whiskey Foxtrot of moderate/high skill on the enemy team, in which case, ignore Step 3. Also, if you are seriously looking for pro tips, ignore Steps 1-3, and instead skip straight to Step 4:

Step 4: Ignore @HandsomeCam entirely, except on matters involving Toby.*

*(NOTE: This does not include Steps 1-3).

Confused? So am i, actually, but thanks for getting this far. I truly hope you enjoy what Battleborn has to offer!




…You’re lucky that i like you.

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You may be frustrated with with game definitely at first. As stated above PvP is nowhere near newbie friendly most of the time. But this is why you experiment in PvE first. Learn a few things about your chosen character. Take your knowledge into PvP, learn how to survive. Learn what you can and cannot do. Learn your enemy team inside and out. Learn how predictable Galileas are. Learn to absolutely hate an old geezer named Kleese. Learn how much punishment you can take before you have to retreat. Take the time to read up on many characters abilities so you don’t say,
“What The Hell Killed Me?!” Unlike CoD, you will always know what ended your life if you do so.

Most of all: Learn how to Love Deande, for she is the best.

“I’m sorry!”


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If you’re familiar with the MOBA genre (DoTA, LOL), knowledge from those games will transfer over well. If not, here’s a crash course:

Staying Alive over Scoring Kills - Like any other MOBA, this game is less about racking up kills on the opposition as it is keeping your team alive and making progress on the objective. If you find yourself in danger but you think you can clinch that kill while dying yourself - DON’T. Possibly the only situation where this is in your team’s favor is if it is to eliminate the only opposing healer character (and you yourself are not your own team’s healer). Dying not only leaves your team down a player for upwards of 10 seconds (often much longer), but rewards the opposing team with experience for the kill that will only make them stronger. Focus on keeping yourself alive, and once you’re confident in your limits, do what you can to keep your teammates alive when they find themselves in danger.

CC or Crowd Control - Any ability which hinders opposing players from controlling their characters as they normally would, or keeps crowds of AI enemies from overwhelming your team. These include Stuns, Slows, Knockup, Blinds, and Pulls. Keep an eye out for these effects on character skills if you’re looking over each one to see what they’re capable of - right now, skills with strong CCs dictate the meta. They are what allow a team to create a situation where there is no escape for a target before it is too late, and secure an important kill.

Managing Resources - You need to keep in your head, during all the action, a couple of limited resources that your team and your individual character need to stay in the fight and win. Starting with Shards, which are simple. It’s just a currency used to activate the gear items you’ve chosen for the match, or to purchase buildables on the map like turrets, healing stations, and giant minions. You find these scattered throughout the map, so as you make your way around get in the habit of running over them/shooting the really big ones. They spawn periodically, the little ones more often than the larger, so check back on areas that have several nearby each other often to keep a steady income going. Try not to be too greedy with the really big ones though, they show up only every couple of minutes, let your teammates have the chance to get some as well (but try and take them away before the other team can if they can reach them). Experience is the next one, which is more complex. You can experience directly from killing enemies, obviously, including the little minions marching around the map. However, you can get experience (quite a bit of it) from a number of other sources. You can also get a share of experience from Assists, where so long as you dealt damage to an enemy that was killed or provide healing to a player that did so, you will earn exp. Buying buildables is probably one of the best sources, particularly turrets. You will receive a bit of experience simply for purchasing/upgrading the buildable, but in the case of turrets and healing stations you also receive experience for kills and assists where those buildables for a factor. Turret zaps a minion to death? Counts as a kill for you, exp earned. Teammate kills another player while being healed by one of your healing stations? Assist experience for you! You can earn exp while not even being around or even alive thanks to buildables. The sooner you figure this out and put it to your advantage, the better. Because if you and your team can’t keep up with the opposition in levels, the less opportunities you’ll have to try and catch up. They’ll keep you dead or running too often to kill or build anything.

Play the Objective - That last one was a bit long, wasn’t it? Sorry, this one’s short. It may seem obvious, but I can’t avoid restating the importance of playing for the objective. It can even sometimes override the first point of keeping yourself alive. After all, if the clock is ticking down to 0 and you have the opportunity to put some damage on the Sentry or stop those last few minions from getting into the grinder and turning the score over, who cares if you die doing it? The main point is, don’t get distracting chasing glory and kills. Keep the enemy minions dead and your own alive.

Hope there’s some useful information for you even if you know how MOBAs operate.


I think the best thing would be if you find someone - maybe even here in this forum - whos willing to play a couple of matches with you online.

Would you mind telling us on which platform you’re playing? If you are on Xbox one I could help you from time to time. :slight_smile: