Who's is the Strongest (& Weakest) Vault Hunter Ever? (lore-wise)

Just out of curiosity…

Between the vault hunters of 1, 2, 3, and TPS, who do you all think is the most powerful? Who is the weakest?

(Assuming all VH’s use their base action skill, no exploits, no augments, no extra stuff i.e. Eridium to jack up Siren powers, and same guns)

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I’m gonna say Tim is the weakest after the DLC.


Lore wise isn’t just any1 who is a siren automatically strongest and strongest is firehawk and weakest is amara.


Maybe :joy:

What gave him skills to be a vault hunter anyways? Jack DNA?


Jack money, the Jack DNA earned him a place in our hearts.


clap is weakest and lilith is strongest


I feel like Sirens are OP when they’re pumped with Eridium sure, otherwise…they’re okays

Lilith is clearly the strongest. Phase shifting a moon? Hmm.

Weakest… Claptrap or Tim, canonically.

Actual gameplay? Hmm… That’s a lot more difficult. I’d say Tim may be the strongest. Weakest… I don’t know. Uh.


Her phase shifting the moon was a writer’s gift…

I don’t get that…It took Earl’s whole eridium stash to delete Sanctuary (Fight for Sanc DLC), but now she can phase shift the moon with nothing at all?

But I can’t deny your point I guess


Arguably, it took his stash to destroy sanctuary AND LIVE, whereas she “died” to stop the moon from falling.
And she phasewalks it, not phaseshifts it, technically. Phaseshift is what angel does to control machines.

Still, there’s also the fact that she got her power back from Tyreen, who’d just absorbed part of the Destroyer (or all, maybe), so that could have given her a huge boost. Would explain why Ava seems more powerful than Maya was, without Maya’s training and experience, if she took some of Troy’s power too (he absorbed maya and part of everything Tyreen absorbed, including vault monsters, as well as absorbing her for a while while trying to activate Elpis).
Basically, Lilith got phasewalking back, but with a huge boost from Tyreen and the Destroyer, so that allowed her to phasewalk Elpis enough (and carve a huge firehawk symbol, for ■■■■■ and giggles, I guess).


Are we counting all Vault Hunters, or just playable ones? Arguably Tyreen, Troy, Typhon and Handsome Jack are all Vault Hunters, too. Worth considering them.
If we include them, Jack might be the weakest, but Tyreen would definitely be the strongest. She has the power to steal the lifeforce of anyone she touches and can gain other siren’s powers. Once she has phasewalking, she can teleport right next to anyone, grab them, teleport away and absorb them. If she was smart, she’d be unstoppable. Weirdly, using her power on the destroyer definitely made her LESS powerful, unlike what she was hoping. =]

Strongest Lilith, cause well that ridiculous Superman ending. Weakest Roland, cause Sup.


Has everyone just forgot about Sal? The Doppleganger would probably the second strongest as well as the best designed character ever. Then its a toss up. Skilled Zero players are sooo amazing to watch. And Krieg! Damn


Claptrap is the weakest, Lilith is tbe strongest. Although come to think if it Typhon was the first vault hunter and beat many vault monsters with a whip… He may be close to the top as well.


Were talking lore wise though not gameplay wise.

Weakest: Lilith, and by weakest she has the least common sense of any other VH.

Strongest: Typhon Deleon, it is Danny Devito with a whip! Duh,…



Strongest? Probably either Lilith or Amara. The game never made explicit statements on how strong Amara is by comparison to other Sirens, however it is stated in Borderlands 2 that Lilith is “the strongest Siren on the planet” which means that at least Jack, who has done a lot of research on Sirens beliefs her to be stronger than Maya.
Weakest is a lot more difficult to determine because particularily the TPS characters have given up on being Vault Hunters. I mean, Timothy, as he is in the new DLC is definitely one of the weakest but at that point he’s not a Vault Hunter anymore and in TPS he was one of the stronger ones.
Overall, I’d say Roland, Axton or Brick. Roland and Axton may be elite Soldiers but for a Vault Hunter they haven’t really got anything too unusual going on. And Brick is just a very tall, buff and angry man who punches people into submission. He’s very good at it, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t quite the same as calling down a Mech that can solo armies or using space wizard powers to kill people without even having to shoot them.


Typhon’s got one for each:

Ok I am done, just have been wanting to use those for the longest time. :slight_smile:


But he really enjoys punching people…doesn’t that count for something?

“It’s both a profession AND a hobby”.

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