Who's ready for Super Kleese?

So in the patch Thursday, Kleese’s base health is getting an 88% increase and will be over 1400 while maintaining his higher than normal base shields, plus his rifts no longer body-block, so you can throw a network up and casually float back through it if you need to retreat, rather than having to carefully place them so as to not end up having them block you/teammates. I feel like he’ll be quite a good character and I’m looking forward to playing him some more in versus as I thought he was a bit on the weaker side before. Feel free to share your thoughts on the new Kleese

I’m just wondering how long it will take them to realize what a terrible mistake this was.


I always killed kleese way too fast and I’m sure snipers would agree. Hopefully with the changes more people will pick kleese, I always liked a kleese aka professor X on the team! Kleese is basically a territorial character (which is my opinion), a walking supply station that teammates have to run back to, he isn’t like the other supports that can follow you around. Lastly, I’m sure he will still be so squishy.

Well to be fair, his hitbox isn’t getting decreased so it’ll still be stupidly easy to nuke him at range, and you can’t bodyblock enemies with your rifts to keep the melee players from closing in either. Makes it easier to pursue him and go for the kill

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Yes, that’s why I stopped playing him in pvp, but between a massive health increase and gaining the ability to heal himself from his legendary it’s going to be a problem. A really good Kleese was already a pain to deal with.

Also, with the massive increase to the health pool, you are going to see a lot more people spec for mortar damage.

At least you can use his legendary.

Try getting it in Australia. I haven’t been able to get into ONE capture match since launch. Not one single match. Not to mention the only time I’ve ever managed to find a group who voted for Echelon, someone else picked Kleese a split second before I loaded in to the character select screen.

Best ‘challenge’ ever. It’s nice to be locked out of a legendary forever just because nobody plays in my country, and I can’t magically control 9 other people’s votes.

I suggest trying to get a bunch of people together to queue at the same time. Even if you only have one team of 5, you ought to be able to brute force your way into capture/echelon etc.

I’ve tried with a group of 8 players (including myself) queuing for the same mode.

Can’t even find 2 extra people for public matches.

It shouldn’t be about who has the most friends or who lives in the most populated country, it should be about challenge and skill.

I don’t know why, but I was thinking of the combined queue we had before. Brain fart.