Who's taking a week off of work to play BL3?

I put in for it this week, taking the week of the 15th off.

BTW, I’m a boss where I work so not a problem.

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I already had my holiday set, it’s the week before actually, so the friday it releases woll be the last weekend of my holiday.

BUT I got sick in my last holiday and therefore changed it from holiday to sick and now have another week to spend. So yes. I plan to have a week off.

One of the few good things about getting old is retirement. No need to take time off from work if you don’t work :smiley: I’m ready for the 13th :slightly_smiling_face:


Ha. Was wondering if I was the only one. Yep taking work off for a week to properly enjoy the game. Calander is listed as Borderlands day. Like christmas

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as soon as we got the release date I requested my days off, my boss looked at me funny cause usually people don’t ask for days off so far in advance haha.

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I did so pumped

Have the day of off, gonna be on at midnight Thursday night. Then have all the following week off. You know what I’ll be doing :wink:

I scheduled the 13th-22nd off as soon as it was announced lol. I already know this is going to be one of (if not) my favorite games of all time. Can’t wait. Looking forward to hearing more about Flak as well. Been wanting to play as him first since announcement followed very closely by Moze. Have a good day bud

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You mean better than christmas :laughing:

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I’ve got Sep. 13 off, gonna at least have the whole three day weekend to play

I can’t wait so im gona pre order the super deluxe edition , I’ve got a lot of free time
My psn Abztar007 so add me and can play together

2,5 weeks o/

I only took 2 days off for it (the 12th so I can hop on right when it’s released (I pre-ordered digitally, and where I’m at, I should be able to play around 10pm)), and the 13th, so I can keep playing until I absolutely have to sleep. I also have Saturday and Sunday off, so while I only get 2 days off of work, I get 4 days to play.

I used up most of my time off already, so I’m just taking the 13th off.

Good for you. I wish more management folks had your mentality. I retired 4 years ago so I’m good for gaming anytime I want now. Back when I was working, our management vision was you work more than 8 hours but only get paid for 8. I did that early on in my career and then woke up and decided it wasn’t worth it.

Enjoy your week off coming up!

Unfortunately can’t do a hole week but I am doing a land party with three of my buds that hole first weekend! Midnight Thursday through as late as possible Sunday night! That will give us at least a decent start.

I had considered it, but since I was lucky enough to get a Collector’s Edition preorder I kind of need the money now. :sweat_smile:

EB Games is about halfway between my work and my house, so the current plan is to use my lunch hour to pick up the game and get the disc into my Xbox at home to install, head back for the second half of my day at work, then come home and have it ready to play for a few hours at least.

I figured I might as well since I have too much paid time off atm to have it all roll over into next year.

i was scheduled to start university in September. i’m taking a “gap year” and playing Borderlands3!

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Awesome idea! I’m not in school anymore. I put in to take a sabbatical from work. They will hold my position for a year! So, Borderlands 3 24/7/365

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