Who's the best? Clap Tap!


Of all the titles I see in the game this one speaks the most of dedication.



I didn’t know about that one. Helloooooo El Dragon!

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Nope, i’d give that to one of the gullsh*t PVE ones where you have to kill a bazillion of an enemy type.


Toby is so mean :wink:


Toby is a realist. El Dragon can hit MR 20 WAY faster than some of those challenges can feasibly be done.


Was this a craftily created “i did a thing!”, feel good thread…? Sorry…



I’ve taken them all to level 20 on 2 Steam accounts.
Toby was easy.
Shayne was fun
Miko was rewarding. (Last game with Miko I had 51 assists!)
Dragon is a blast but scientifically challenging to perfect goals.

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No. Those ones has to go to Angel of Death, Medicinal Use Only, Fours Sensitive, Three Sum, Levelling titles (command & chaacter ranks alike) and a few PvE ones such as Nope Nope Nope.

They’re all undermined though by different factors such as Bots Battles, Rumbles, XP-boosters etc.

At the moment, I’d say that there’s really no title which shows dedication. I wish there were a few though. On the top of my head I’d like;

  • Get all skins for all characters on specific Ops.
  • Get all skins for all characters on all Ops.
  • Get Diamond scores on all missions in specific categories.
  • Get Diamond scores on all missions.
  • Play 1000/1500 PvE matches.
  • Play 1500/2000 PvP matches.
  • Play the game for 250, 500 & 1000 hours.
  • Complete all challenges within the respective tabs.

I’d also like the addition of dynamic titles. So you can unlock a title for a character when you complete 100 matches with that character (PvP or PvE), at which point the title will real-time change the calues on the titles to reflect how many matches you’ve played. Thos then could apply to most titles with hours put into the game, matches played, played a specific character a lot etc.

Now that would be dedication titles.

Sincerely, MisterIcannotstayontopic


NOPE NOPE NOPE got too easy, first account I did it the hard way.
Second account I did it with the Mike dlc, those little bitty sentries count now. Very easy.

As for OPs, I’ve done every dlc with both accounts with every character at 100 OPs.
Don’t think anyone matches me on that one.

Yepp, like most challenges in the game if you ask me. I’m still somewhat bitter about there not being any title(s) for completing the original lore challenges… :disappointed:

I know I certainly don’t. Have only done every run on every character on my main account (granted I don’t have the Ops on the other one).

I’m biased in with these titles though as I’ve completed everything I mentioned, but it’s also hard to balance something which is an appropriate level for most players that they can work towards.