Who's the better sniper

Building for sniping no bugs or glitches or “cheese” who is the better sniper now zane or fl4k

i would say Fl4k because of aggro relief. with red fang, you can just take your time with the shot and not be disturbed as much because of the insane aim punch/knock back from enemies.

What dimensions of sniping do you mean? For me it’s hard to beat FL4K (maybe second only to Zer0 just because Zer0 had a legit dedicated sniping tree), but I’m looking at this through the lens of 1) can get to rooftops undetected, and 2) can pack the most damage into a single shot.

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Actually those flying Maliwan soldiers are the best snipers.


Actually it is the maliwan guy with a club, one day one of them managed to hit me by throwing his club above the freaking wall of Maliwan black site :joy:


Fl4k, invisibility and sniping go hand in hand to me, or to quote Jack in TPS when talking about Hyperion Snipers:

“Just imagine it – they take position, turn invisible, and then pfftbtbh! Bad guys literally have NO idea what hit them! I mean, y’know, they’re probably gonna assume it was a bullet because there’ll be a bullet hole in them, but whatever, it’s frickin’ awesome!”

And speaking of TPS, those Dahl soldiers with Vladof Snipers were a nightmare lol, you just heard that caracteristic “pew pew pew” sound they did and if you didin’t react fast enough you just wento in FFYL lol.

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Tough one. Fl4k has stealth and aggro relief but Zane also has forms of aggro relief (Clone) and can quickly reposition just by swapping.
Fl4k has Leave no Trace which is just objectively better than De Ja Vu at helping with sniper ammo preservation but Zane with cryo weapons and Our Man Flynt arguably has better methods for setting up enemies.


-With barrier, you constantly have amp shots from One-Shotter Shields (that’s 100% dmg nearly all the time)

-Barrier itself amps shots

-Playing Dirty…if you’re consistently killing, you’re proc’ing this…then you’re constantly shooting two bullets instead of one. Fl4k has a double projectile skill too (Two Fang) but it’s based on chance, whereas Zane gets it guaranteed next 5 shots.

-Zane has great hip fire accuracy for those times you don’t use scope…add to this his massive speed boost dmg from Violent Momentum (200% consistently at high speed)…yea, you get it

-I haven’t bought new trees, but now that he has crit boosts, everything I said above ^ is dialed up to 11…not to mention, Zane gets B0re now, so yea…thats cool lol


Mordecai!!! :grin:


Something like this comes down to skill trees, action skills, and class mods.

Minus the melee emphasis, Fl4k seems an obvious choice.

St4kbot + Fade Away + Hunter’s Eye + Ambush Predator + Galactic Shadow + Megavore + Head Count + Eager to Impress

Zane has the capacity to be used in a lot of ways to make him competitive with Fl4k but the one aspect that goes against him is all his speed boosts and while moving bonuses.

On the other hand, preplanning attacks with Clone placement and teleportation can set up good Sniping (the Clones Aimbot is a better shot than I am).

My Zane gameplay is closer to Lillith in BL1 mixed with Wilhelm from TPS. Run, Gun, Paint on Targets.

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Yeah the new tree had me wondering he basically has insane cc the frozen heart shield with on action skill activate plus mantis cannon and he can get insane bonuses with his new com and tree combined aim down sight for 50% damage boost to every shot buffing crit damage to 84% I have always loved sniper Hunter classes in games and invisibility doesn’t make or break a sniper for me but fl4k is a Hunter class from the start

So I know you said flak or zane, but honestly, it’s by far easiest to use snipers with Amara because of phasegrasp. Lift em up, aim at the head, boom. Easy. Maybe not as much damage, but it works for mobbing, particularly with ttb.

If you have the DLC, Zane without a doubt. He has more crit damage, more gun damage, and more easily accessible V2. He basically just does more damage than FL4K, and you can still use clone/barrier for aggro relief/defense.

Without 4th trees, then FL4K.


The creep is real

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Found a Skullmasher with 100% MANTIS damage annoint and my GAWD does that shoulder cannon shred. Haven’t played Flak to max level yet though but Zane does have some great sniping skills.