Who's with Colonel Zarpedon?

I can’t seem to find info about this “one” …when Jack first encounters Zarpedon with the vault hunter, and uses some power to freeze bullets in mid-air. Is it an eridian?

It is isn’t it. Is it explained in the game at some point?

Uhh… Not really (that I’ve seen). They kind of forget about that Eridian until the end of the game.

no, we run away from it, and leave us through out the game to wonder when we’d face the bullet stopping boss. PLOT TWIST! Ally

The Red Sentinel is really the script-writer in disguise. His action skill is Deus ex machina, and his primary weapons are the CopyPasta SMG and the DeleteKey rocket launcher. He can equip a grenade mod called TotalRecall, but it’s buggy as all get out and prone to inflict friendly fire damage.

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the watchers true form

Seems to me it is a leader of Eridians just based on how this unknown character acts at the end of the game. No information is really revealed about this character, perhaps in bl3 it’ll be explained more (if they don’t decide to totally chuck the story they set up in the presequel).

long as we dont get another story arc like the constructor, i’m good. all that work for nothing.