Who's your favorite character and why?

I’m curious to know who is everyones favorite character and why mainly cause I want someone to convince me to try that character

Galilea. While she is a bit OP, base damage should be reduced imo, at the moment she has a ton of utility and is able to lock down anyone that walks in her desecrate. The key there is walking into her desecrate. People still have yet to figure out that she is almost unkillable inside of it and they complain that she is a god. Don’t walk into desecrate and you will have a much better chance.

Benedict is my second choice for his mobility.

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To play in general I’m loving El Dragon and Shayne+Aurox. So tanky. So much damage. So much fun.

If I want to support and really win a game? Ambra. She is a monster right now! Lots of sustained healing and damage makes her a 1 v 1 monster. Particularly if you buy gear that increases healing powers/healing done and CDR. I also use something that decreases build cost/passive shard gain so that I can get those extra levels early. She can even start solo taking basic camps on Incursion at level 2!

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Shayne and Aurox because they are detectives. :wink:

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Toby! He is adorable, his dialogue is amusing, and when played right he is super fun. He could use a small boost to be more in line with others (in my opinion just weapon velocity increase).

Play him far back defending points, sniping from extreme range while bunkered behind shields. Throw mines in bottlenecks and run like a coward if enemies get close and you have no support! He takes some time to get used to, and he is squishy compared to other defenders, but once you get him down he is fairly effective and quite fun.

“Eat it! Eat it! Eat it for every meal!” -Toby


Phoebe, personally. Her phasegate is amazing for getting in, doing mad damage, and getting out. She’s good both as an assassin and a territory holder, plus I just generally like her character.


Ambra and Miko coz they heals.

Ambra: Love her Sun Spots and working out the best positions to place them. Her Ceremonial Gauntlet is one of the only things I can hit with the huge lag i get living in Australia :koala:

Miko: Love this little uh… Thing? Healing Beam is a little clunky right now but when it works the healing power is unparalleled. Ult is great too, just have to hide it around a corner so it’s protected. Kuwai are not the most powerful weapons but their DoT seems to scare enemies so acts as a good deterrent. Finally spore sack stun is amazing if you happen to actually land it.

Hope they add more support characters with DLC.


I’m in love with Mellka and Attikus.

Mellkas style is amazing and I love the combination of shooting an hitting while jumping around fast. And I love her toxic abilities.

Attikus style is agressive and dangerous, sometimes I wanna play those chars. His Hydronic collector can make his hits so hard that simply seeing it hurts you :smiley:

Orendi and Shane&Aurox are also very nice and I love them too. Specially their dialogues.

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Miko for the win! I love healing in games, so that probably is the main reason but… He has some amazing skills. Biosynthesis is great for healing yourself, and is a great help for your allies too! (There is a mutation skill that makes the healing beam even stronger when Biosynthesis is active.) And Miko may not have a shield, but with the right skills, he can be quite hard to kill.

The sack of spores really helps me out when I reach lvl 4. It gets the helix upgrade to be able to stun enemy players, and that can literally save your allies. And when you miss, the enemy will still be slowed down.

And in every versus game, you kinda have to choose someone you stick with. You simply can’t heal the whole team. So every game seems very different, because you need to adapt yourself to the playstyle of the character you are healing. And I just love that.

When I play Miko, the ally I heal is the most important player to me, more important than myself. I think it’s really cool to keep that person alive, even when you are both close to death. And sometimes, a sack of spores or a biosynthesis can keep you just long enough to live to save you both! (Or Miko dies and the ally doesn’t… But isn’t that the whole point of being a support? ;p)

And lastly, Miko’s helix gives you the chance to make very different builds. You can make yourself less durable, but make sure your allies gain a lot more health. And you can even be able to get quite some damage for Miko, so he isn’t only a healing support but he helps attacking too.

Sorry for this long reply, but I can’t stop fangirling about Miko. ;p Guess a long story like this won’t really convince you though. XD Too much to read, hehe.

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Marquis is hands down my favorite. A very long-distance character that can slow time down with an AoE bubble and summon owl traps that home in on opponents at close-range is pretty good at trapping the opponent when he needs to. A lot of his Helix upgrades are good for making sure that you can get off a snipe and push opponents out of a territory. Also, he’s crazy. Like…a lot of his lines in-game are just hilarious.


Benidict because you can literally deal death from above! He is by far the most noble character in the game and using gear to change his base move speed I believe changes his fly speed too so plus to that

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I haven’t unlocked many characters (Classes are keeping me from playing 24/7) but I really enjoy Thorn, Oscar Mike, and Galilea. Thorn is insanely fun and unique, OM is super fun, has great dialogue, and just generally feels good to play as (I haven’t played a proper FPS in years so it’s not simply because he’s a traditional FPS person, he’s just super fun to play with), and Galilea is pretty fun to play as even though I think she needs a small nerf. I was really disappointed with Phoebe because she looked like so much fun but I just couldn’t get into her. :frowning:

Honorable mentions are Orendi, Shayne & Aurox, Miko and Marquis.

Pretty sure I’ll have many more once I unlock more Battleborn .

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Orendi hands down. I love being able to deal damage from med-long range and she provides that for me. Her dialog is Halarious and let’s not forget the ole poking her eye taunt. Her animations for her abilities are great as well. She’s very quick and her Nullify ability is great for damage and getting out of the war zone. Forgive me if I’m wrong I’m pretty sure it’s the same voice actress for Tiny Tina so com’on FTW right there. Overall balanced and I really enjoy the mix of abilities. Definite honourable mention for Thorn and Boldur…and Toby for being Toby

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You probably already know this but it makes healing beam stronger without that mutation too.

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Deande. Why? Swag, that’s why.

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Shoutout to people that pick healers making it so the rest of us can go in without fear of death. We salute you


I love Rath, Gallilea and Caldarius.
I love Rath because I can just absolutely crush the enemy team. You build him with attack speed attack damage and more life steal and he’s crazy good. If I play Rath I always go like 22-4 or better. And unless you have a Shayne on your team you aren’t killing Rath.

Gallilea is great simply because of how good she is in every situation. It’s possible to take on 3 people at full health with her and win. She’s terrifying no matter who you’re playing and she just eats up damage. I build her helix so it’s all offensive and by level 7 or 8 you’re able to take on everyone and anyone effortlessly.

Caldarius is by far my favorite character though. I play him differently than I play my other two in that I’m a little more laid back and I try to be more of a support than a carry. everything about his move set is fantastic. I’ve been using him since the closed technical test and he only got better since then. He’s incredibly fast and I love using his dash to escape after I went in to deep.

Anyway if anyone wants to party up or play add me. My psn is Reziduality

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I’d have to go with Rath or Marquis, personally. Miko is also a blast, despite the wonky healing beam. But Rath is my go-to. It’s too fun to pop people up in the air and catch them in your ulti. They just bounce around on your spinning blades of destruction.

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Yeah, that’s why I said ‘even’ stronger. ;p But thanks anyways.

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First of all, I love there are so many characters that seem so great.

First character that I had my eye on was Phoebe (come on, so many swords - and they levitate!).
Secondly, Caldarius cuz the promo from Gearbox that it being like a Gundam and whatnot - awesome.
Finally, TOBY. Penguin in a mech? Freakin’ awesome. I like penguins.

Buuuuuut the characters are mostly the only reason this game interests me besides it being a Gearbox game.

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