Whos your favorite character and why?

Battleborn is a game with many heroes, all of them are unique in their own way, and all of them are fun IMO.

That being said, everyone has their favorites.

Whos yours and why?

For me Id have to say oscar mike. He is so good .

+Ranged DPS, can stay out of trouble really well.
+Insanely strong skills (that grenade damage is BONKERS, going stealth has saved my butt many times)
+Fun ultimate skill, especially with level 10 mutation helix. (stealth yourself… run up on enemy, activate ult, shoot nade and you pretty much have a guaranteed kill)
+I love using ACOG scope for OM its almost like you can snipe with him.
+Can clear waves of minions with ease.
+Can get kills from 50 yards away with ease by using grenades.
+Strong and fast quick Melee
+I like his taunts and phrases
+Looks badass
+Does pushups as a taunt
+Did i mention his grenade damage is insanely high?

Whos your fav?

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But seriously, I love her for her versatility, she can (still) pack a punch and keep her allies up and keeping them in the momentum of the fight.


I love having a good ambra on my team for support.

love her little sun spots and ive even had a few ambras heal me with her staff! EPIC!

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Alani. I love her personality, she can deal good amount of damage and support, and her character design is pretty cool.

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still cant decide between caldarius and isic. both are awesome in their own ways, lol

I’d probably have to go with Mellka. I like a lot of characters, but Mellka is an extremely well balanced character who also has a unique skill set that works well with my playstyle. I also adore her spunky personality. She can be sarcastic, spunky, and sassy as all hell, but she still obviously cares about her peers. The only word that can adequately sum her up… “cool”.


pendles, because he never rolls his ankle


Orendi, because she’s got FOUR ARMS!


Whiskey Foxtrot, because nobody else plays him.

Deande. She’s so pretty, she throws war fans, she cloaks and deploys a decoy as a distraction while you flank or escape, her personality is great too she gets a little carried away in the heat of battle, and she’s so pretty.

#2 is Mellka, she jumps and bounces and poisons her enemies and dives and escapes, she’s one of the most intricate Battleborn although some of her helix options are no-brainers but she’s so damn fun to play as!


It boggles my mind the Mellka is listed as “easy”.

Easy to play, hard to master.

Reyna, because she can turn the game.

Toby, plays like old school mech warrior.

Whisky Foxtrot. After getting through his early beginning he becomes an absolute monster with self sustain and insane single target and AoE damage. I love it when he makes Oscar Mike jokes too.

“Whisky Foxtrot is oscar mike! I mean on the move… Shut up!”

I have 3:
Ghalt: his controlling abilities and efficient killing power make him amazing and fun to play as

Caldarius: once you learn how to use his energy blade properly this man is a beast. His speed and power are unmatched by many

Boldur: boldurs tankiness and his runes of power make boldur a huge favorite and still has one of my favorite lines:

I love to play both Mellka and Caldarius.

Caldarius, gotta go fast. With a Scuff controller, playing him on console is epic amounts of fun; Dodging pulls from Shayne/Ghalt or stuns from Galilea/Montana, being able to dash and shoot accurately makes gunfighting anyone a breeze and that mobility at level 5… I love me some mobility. Vroom vroom Caldy.

Mellka is a solid pick as a brawler, in my opinion. She can slow if you get close and effectively kite you longer, she has an escape that gives her insane mobility and launches her through the air, her Venom Canisters are very rewarding to land hits with IMO, her level 8 helix to proc venom off of bullets makes her DPS skyrocket… Shes a beast if you play her right and she just clicks with me as a solid fallback pick no matter what

man this is why i love battleborn so much

so many awesome characters and ways to play the game.

i feel like u get more attached to the characters, compared to overwatch where people just switch characters 20 times a game.


Boldur because he’s the berserker archetype in tank form. I kinda wish he was an attacker so he would be like a reckless killing machine. I mean he already is (once you get to level 10), but just imagine the kind of damage he could do if he was an attacker. Makes me drool.

Benedict, for obvious reasons.

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