Who's your LEAST favourite character?

I know we have the favourites character thread going, but I thought it would be interesting to see everyone’s least favourite characters. If its either someone you don’t enjoy playing that much or someone who you see in game and just want to take them out :stuck_out_tongue:

My “least” favourite is Shayne and Aurox. Been grabbed one too many times! but its a love/hate because playing them is fun.

I don’t think I hate any character, or really dislike any character. I kinda love almost all of them. But Rath is a bit boring to me, idk why. Maybe because I barely know anything about him. So I guess Rath is my least fav, for now. (He looks amazing though, but every single character in this game looks amazing so…)

I don’t like playing against Ambra because she doesn’t have to aim and is still OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

Least favourite character to play is probably ISIC.

I didn’t play Whisky Foxtrott much. Maybe because always my Team mates left, but I have no good memories with him.

Whisky Foxtron. I really don’t like short burst guns. Also, his sticky bombs don’t feel as effective as Oscar Mike’s granades

I would have to say Boldur or Kelvin Played both hated both but at least Kelvin had his op stun i guess.

This is hard to answer. What makes a character a favorite is kind of a combination between playstyle and personality for me.

I’d say personalitywise calderius. He is just so…bland. Which is a shame as he is kind of fun to play.

Playstylewise is ISIC. He is just bleh to play as for me. Which again is sad, because he is one of the funniest characters in the game. And the voice actor is very talented (he does oscar mike too!!)

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I know you’re asking for our least Favorite char. I can’t really say I have one. What I do wanna say is that I think every character has a place that it does its best. With that being said no character is garbage or complete trash. They have a meaning to the specific game mode or what not and they have a place where they fit.

I hate her 20% HP overshield. So annoying and gets away from everything.

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I tried Whiskey Foxtrot, and I just could not stand him. Had no fun playing at all. He felt weak to me and just didn’t mesh with me at all.

Also I tend to have grudges against Shayne and Aurox players just because they tend to kill me the most lol (had one chase me around the Meltdown map for like half the match when I was Marquis, was so satisfying when I was able to kill her with a well executed ult)

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See!! You do have someone you hate :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally agree though, the characters are really enjoyable in their own ways and I love that about this game.

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Ambra. I seem to always end up disliking anything overpowered/overplayed/skill-less. I was intending to play her a fair bit in the beta actually, but got put off by that.

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Damnit i guess you’re right lmao!!!

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TOBY. My god, Toby. Ever since he was revealed I’ve disliked him, swore I’d never play him. Then I got him in random select and his fate was sealed. He moves far too slowly and his playstyle just doesn’t work for me. I also have a bit of rage from Toby players using that shield properly in the tunnels on Incursion. (Good for them!)
GAH he just annoys the ever living sh*t out of me. Character-wise and playstyle…wise… Toby is just not my character.

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H…how could you :cry:

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I know… I’m a monster. Everyone I say this to has the same reaction. :joy:

I have several for various reasons. Isic because he seems under powered on offense compared to the other defenders I played, and his ult needs a rework.

Rath because he is just over powered. the only real defense against him is hoping who ever picks him sucks with him or disconnects.

and the snipers because they can easily exploit the map to either hit the sentries from to far out, and kill the tanks a little to easily.

Ambra. She’s not so bad since her nerfs, but with her fighting style and attitude, I don’t want her to be tough to kill, okay at damage and healing, but she just bloody is without much aim required and it’s infuriating :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a couple of other characters that were contenders, but the way they annoy me really shines thanks to the team behind them.

This gave me a good laugh, Thanks for that!

My least favourite character to play is my favourite character. You’re confused now, right? Let me explain.
The deciding question is: PvP or PvE?

Orendi is a blast to play in PvE. Her fast and hyperactive playstyle is a lot of fun and you can spam her skills all over the place and wreak havoc on the enemy hordes. And her personality is just the best!

But once you get her in PvP you’ll find how horribly slow and delayed every attack is.
Her projectiles are only mid ranged and slow flying. You can lead A.I. targets moving predictably, but not zig-zagging players.
Same with shadowfire pillars. They have over a second delay in which it is clearly visible and avoidable, this is only fixed by taking the mutator that not only halves it’s damage for instant effect, but you also miss out on the half-damage second pillar, so you have to choose 1/3 damage for the slightest chance to hit.
Nullify is weak and requires you to get in close and hit them and it’s blinding effect is pretty much the only chance to get in some good hits.
Its fire trail is easily avoidable and pushback gives only a temporary breather against melee battleborn.
The instant shield recharge on nullify is barely effective, as they’ll just keep attacking you, aborting the recharge before it even matters.
Her ultimate has a cast delay so until it finally fires, you might already have lost them out of your aim.
Only plus I can think of is her movement speed and ability to drown players in effects and kill their framerate. °xD

All around she’s just really crippled against anyone able to observe and react. Like a drunk person throwing sluggish punches as you sidestep them elegantly, watch 'em faceplant the floor and then throw bits of rolled up newspaper and laugh.