Why adding 1 new character was a bad move

Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful to Gearbox for having plans to support the game after launch. But adding 1 new character at a time was a bad move, and here is why. Keep in mind that this game, more so than Overwatch, is team composition based. A team of straight damage dealers, or supports will always lose to a team with a good composition and mix. When my team plays, we run 2 to 3 damage, 1 healer and 1 to 2 support. With this composition we have a 95% win rate against both pugs and premade comp groups.

  1. Everyone and their mother will be playing the new character in story mode. Making a good composition for advanced mode hard to find over the next few weeks.

  2. As with Mariqis, in pvp everyone will go for the new character even if they are bad with them. For instance, my friends internet is slower than another kids. He goes 15 to 20-1 with marquis every game. A kid with faster internet gets to choose first, picked Marquis and went 1-10, and we lost by a hair.

Side note Gearbox: PLEASE ALLOW ALL MEMBERS OF A PVP TEAM TO LOAD INTO THE GAME BEFORE ALLOWING CHARACTER SELECTION TO GIVE EVERYONE A FAIR CHANCE. Since this game is not Overwatch and we all cant play the same character.

This is not a rant, just observation. Maybe 2 characters at once should be released, or all characters and their morphs released later on in free update.


Well this always happens in games like this(by this i mean games with a moba skeleton) someone new comes out their super strong everyone plays as them a week or two later you almost never see them again


And this is why there’s an early release of her to help ease that.

That being said, I do agree that everyone should be made to enter the character selection screen at the same time. I think it’s pretty lame that someone can get to the screen before someone else and I say this as someone who’s usually one of the first ones to the screen.


Agreed on the “wait before everyone has loaded up”. The only issue I can see with this is when someone disconnect before the character choose screen. It would put the whole team at risk of having to wait forever …


There is a 47,500 wall that should help with the flood of using her


… all of the characters are new though… I didn’t have any of these until a couple of weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re implementing new characters… people are going to flock to the new characters… that’s just how it works. You’ll survive.


All the butthurs disconnect as soon as another player take alani so you can play 4 vs 5 or leave the game so it doesn’t start


I think the idea of one at a time is actually best for people without season pass… because they won’t spend the time to farm and unlock it and then regret it… there’s no other choices.

I’ve never had 1 bad player be the difference between a game win or lose, it’s usually 2-3.
So… they can feel free to use whatever they want even if they suck. That’s how you find out if you can wreck house with it or not anyway.

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In PVE I feel like this might be a pro. In my experience It is super easy to do advanced with someone like Ambra. A team of Ambras should have the same success. Same applies to Alani I think, especially with her seemingly god tier CC.

Edit: for PVP it will be a b*tch racing with randoms or my friends to pick her, until they release she’s a healer…then it will be only me lol

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Appreciate your thoughts, going to have to respectfully disagree. Releasing one character at a time is pretty standard and yeah, it will lead to a spike as everyone tries the character out, but things will normalize soon enough.


I am not entirely opposed to the idea tbh. In fact the credit wall is a good idea to have for implementation. However I mean this post to touch more on composition based PvE play, as well as fair matchmaking character selection in pvp. Those with slower internet will never get to pick her in pvp.

I agree with the making everyone wait to pick, but that’s because I get a delay when I pick characters. I kid you not. My girlfriend picks a character a solid five seconds before it lets me… We play split screen. It’s been happening since release, so it’s not a fluke :confused:

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I think it would be more fair if once everyone loads up, there is a 10 second timer from the selection of each character, that way everyone has a chance of picking whoever they choose.

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At least in this case the new character is a healer. So when people do pick her right away you will know that someone is playing a healer and can work the team composition from there accordingly.


i dont see it bad. there are tons of characters to play as. and atm game is still knew.

ive mastered Benedict and now im training in as rath, miko, montana, mike, to name a few im working on to get my masters next


Dear OP: I didn’t read this entire thread but IMHO this was a good move, kudos to Gearbox and the team.


Oh and every moba releases one at a time, with few exceptions. I say few, but I can only think of… Zero…

It was like this with the beta, and then with full release…
And there was more than one character to choose from…
Players still had to be quick off the mark to get whom they desired…
Alani being added solo, is no different really…
Okay… Yes the demand is a little higher :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck, I still miss out on the character I would prefer even now…
Sometimes I just can’t jump in quick enough and click the button fast enough…
But that’s why I’ve learnt to appreciate more than one character…
4 other players can’t possibly take my 5th choice, haha.

I’m sure whatever match mode people are playing in PvP, that it won’t be their last (come on, what’s one more match?)…
Just be patient, share the love, and everyone will get their turn eventually…
She isn’t going to disappear tomorrow (unless the world ends… Or something) :wink:

If they were to release them all at the same time, every single one of those characters will be horribly balanced (I am looking at you MKX KP2). Its more reasonable to release them one at a time so they can look at one character only and make them as balanced as possible before release.

My experience has proven everything you said is wrong. The best teams I’ve run with are all dps in story and pvp and never had a problem. Even vrs balanced premades.

Remember medic dies first