Why all the epic store hate?

i personally hate it and them because of fortnite but thats it really. why are so many people hating on it? just because its not steam and thats where all the other BL games are?

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lets try and keep it constructive (i had to try).

Because their business strategy so far has been to buy exclusivity deals for as many games as possible, rather than trying to create a client and store people actually want to use. They’ve thrown tons of money at developers to lure them away from steam, yet their own store is still lacking basic features and has progressed at a very slow rate.

This makes a lot of people wary. In the short term they feel strongarmed into accepting a new platform. In the long term this strategy suggests that epic wants to supplant steam by restricting their ability to sell games, rather than compete with them as a legitimate alternative.


and it looks like the only pre order bonus is a skin pack? well i think i will wait

  1. Epic is an inferior incomplete store front.

  2. Exclusivity of 3rd party games instead of competing with Steam by making a better store and offering better customer service.

So I’m actually waiting 6 months rather than giving Epic a single penny.

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Pretty much sums up my feelings about it. Steam is pro-consumer with what it’s store offers while Epic is anti-consumer with their crappy launcher and lack of privacy and security features.

Literally all Steam has to do is lower their cut of the profits and they could immediately end Epic store, but they are to greedy. Reap what you sow. They will continue to lose stake in the market until it is no longer cool to hate Epic, or the will change with the times.


Epic store is a meme at this point. It will never compete with Steam and once the Fornite money runs out the Epic store 15 minutes will be up.

Seems to me we’ve already had this discussion here:

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Rather than re-hashing all the same arguments again, could we maybe just move on? The game releases on Epic in just a few days, so there really is no point in continuing to flog this horse - it’s well beyond merely dead at this point.

Thanks for understanding.

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