Why all the golden key code are US timed?


All is in the title.

Seriously, rest of the world smell bad or ?


No idea, but the current working theory has been the same that it was when BL2 was out and they were doing timed shift code tests - they’re using them less as giveaways and more as threshold testing and gathering data about people still interested in the game. It wasn’t until like 3 months in that they started doing ones that didn’t expire (or had more than a 24 hour window to put in), so the theory has always been that they’re checking their social media effectiveness and keeping tangible numbers about who’s playing the game.

After that crucial 3 month period they started becoming more permanent and available to people, so I think they’re going the same boat here.

For the record, I find it just as annoying, but they have the numbers about where the game did the best and they want to keep the data in house, so pfft.

-Signed, a borderlands Third Shifter

Ok, this is juste stupid, because as an Eu player working. I have no time to go check BO3 redeem code before a long working day!

They just need to place a 24h time instead so short actual one!


Apparently GBX hates Truxicans.

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My guess is you’ll start seeing 24 hr or non expiring codes around the time the first DLC drops, but that’s just an educated guess. Until then I think they’re still using it to test for optimal gaming times and all that.

Which sucks for both of us.

On the plus side, with the higher drop rates in general, the keys aren’t as “neccesary” for things like when you have a luck drought leveling an alt or something, so thats fine.

Yes, this is not really a “golden key” problem.

For me it is how a company is going to deal with their costumers, especialy when they are out of US.

Yeah, sadly they know where the demographics lie.

With those filthy goddamn daywalkers.

If I’m thinking correctly, during all of BL2’s early life cycle, Randy tweeted out one off hours key before they all started to go towards 24hr/Unexpired ones. And it was done in a response to a tweet at him about how it hadn’t been dropped anywhere else worldwide.

I don’t twitter, but if you or others do, my vote is you annoy the piss out of the original piss taker, maybe things get better quicker.

Edit: For what it’s worth, even these 9 hour intervals are more forgiving that BL2’s launch. The big thing there was “limited redemptions”, meaning that most of them were only good for the first 100k, 50k, even as low as 5-15K users.

I remember one particular key that got tweeted with me and 3 other friends in the house. We all had windows up tracking gbx and randy’s twitter constantly because we knew what was up with it. One of them posted a key for twenty five golden keys but only 5-10k redemptions and everyone got it but me because my copy/paste borked and they were all gone in the less than 3 minutes that everything went down. Everybody had feel bads on my behalf. At the time, I thought I’d lost out on something massive, so I was pretty downtrodden too.

I despise the timed codes. I don’t have Twitter so by the time I find out about them they’re already expired. It’s shameful that they do it that way. Only the Twitter followers get love and everyone else can kick rocks.

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