Why am I always fighting against a team with 5 lvl 100

I’ve been destroyed by teams full of 90+ level guys the whole night, no matter they are premade or not, and I always team up with lvl 10-30 teammates.

If it’s a premade team, I can understand because the pop base is low so my luck may be bad.

But I often encounter a non-premade team full of lvl 100 guys, and our team members are lvl 20 lvl 10 etc. And the chance of this is unexpectedly high.

What’s the point of the match making system?

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idk, what level you are, but the game has been out for a while and there are tons of cap level people. But yeah, I’m LVL 100 and I get into those situations myself.

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Was trying to pvp a bit on ps4. I was put in with a group of level 2-36 or so. We got paired with a premade 5x100’s…so I thought “oh this will be fun”. During character selection a member of my team comes on mic and asks “did anyone else get a message from the other team?! I’ve been playing two days and this guy from the other team just sent me a message saying they were going to destroy our asses.”. I apologized to the new guy on our team and told him that is exactly what was about to happen…then it happened. It took about 6 minutes worth of slaughtering before most of the team disconnected…please get some more PVE content added GBX so I can keep having fun in this game.

Seen plenty if these situations myself, I’m around… CR47 now (I think…), yet I often go up against 5 CR100.

My favorite one is when I were CR15 in a team with three >CR10 and and one CR30. Our opposition: a premade CR100. Suffice to say, they steamrolled us.

However, CR doesn’t equal skill. I’ve beaten enough CR100 to know that.

I believe it tries to pair you with members around the same skill level, and then it takes extravagant shortcuts to find you a team, which means instead of waiting for a fair game, you’ll often get matched with a team of 100s since that team was the closest to your teams’ skill level it could find without a generous wait.
I attribute most of my losses to poor matchmaking.
When you go 20 and 3 and the rest of your team barely managed 7 together, and all have double digit deaths…and have less minion kills, built less buildables, shards collected…I don’t think that loss is on you.

I once got paired with 4 LV 100s and I at the time was only 17, one of them told me to leave cuz I was too low level for their standards. In the anger of wanting to prove them wrong, I stayed and we got paired against a team of 100s.

During the match got the most kills, assists, and buildables of the team and proved that bumhole that I play in their skill level. Regardless we lost that match, cuz they all surrendered aftet losing first sentry (which was their fault)
Point is, some level 100s are elisits d**ks who just sit in matchmaking to get paired with others of their level.


makes you a better player if you either win or lose depending if those high levels are even good on PVP. i have plenty of people i play story with all the time who are 100s that are complete garbage on PVP who go 0-15 or whatever and just heal / assist.


agreed. i broke 100 within the first week.Double XP boosted me to like 50 within a few days.

cuz this game is tailor made for premade groups to have a grand time farming pugs. Pugs are all quitting. The premades are having the time of their life except for q times.

Never seen a matchmaking that rewards premades so much while punishing pugs to burnout.