Why am I buying nearly all my weapons and gear...?

So this is my first post on the forums… Mostly because this is the first time I’ve needed to come to the forums. I play completely solo, and have done so for every prior borderlands as well. So the question is what the hell happened to loot in this game? It sucks. Where’s my “epic loot” ?? I raid a vault I get greens and whites. I kill badasses I get greens and whites. I kill a boss? I get the worst blues ever. Barely any purples. I just killed The graveward and got dick for it. AND I had to do it with gear I purchased from the damn vendor. What is going on with this game? Why is the loot so crappy. Sure it’s the same jovial fun story that’s always been a part of borderlands, but the current loot drop rate is hot garbage. And simply put this isn’t “fun” at all. If it wasn’t for the story which I’m now invested in I’m fairly certain I’d have uninstalled by now. And if this is how it’s going to be on replay in vault hunter mode or “mayhem” than I really see no point in continuing past the first play through. Not even to try the other characters. Because, who cares. Literally this is the first time I find myself trying to look up cheats and trainers for the damn game because the weapons I’ve been getting suck so hard. The mentality has become well If I’m just going to buy them from the vendor anyway why not just make them with a cheat…

I’m… honestly a little flabbergasted.

By everyone’s notes, the drop rates in this game are miles ahead of BL2, though probably not as good as BL1. By the time I’d hit graveward I know I had a masher jakobs and 1-2 legendaries.

I know this is gonna sound dumb, but I think you’ve made RNJesus angry somehow. You may want to try some side quests as well if you haven’t been doing those already - a lot of them have very effective guns as rewards. Burning a golden key or two probably wouldn’t hurt to get you out of the individual jam.

Still, holy ■■■■.

Seems like you got low rolled real hard. Sorry to hear that and I hope things turn around :confused:


I started a second character and am having a similar loot experience as the first. I already picked up a few oranges and get enough purples/blues to let me fight enemies comfortably.

I may prefer to use all TORGUE items, but I use what the game spits out, and if I really want a TORGUE I buy one when possible.

When I do TVHM and start messing with Mayhem Mode, then I’ll do light farming for stuff I like to use, because that’s where the drop rates for rare items are much better.

(Also, talking about cheats is a good way to get the topic locked)

Do mayhem when you finish normal. The drops are generous.

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Thats pretty much the experience I had as well on my first playthrough on normal. And I guess its the norm. Finding an orange once every 10 levels doesnt even matter because a green 5 levels higher is already better. I too found the best weapons to use while leveling up from vendor machines.

It works either way, you can do with randomly dropped greens and blues but it certainly is not “OMG loot is stellar, I m getting mad lootz anytime” so maybe I have a different game or people who claim “loot is awesomesauce” forget to consider their leveling-up period and only speak from a farming point of view.

I am playing on M2 and its just more vendor trash, hardly purples and an orange drop once in a while. I get “bad luck” but this has been the case since I picked up the game and tried to progress. M2 is far better in terms of drops then normal or TVHM but its still not the loot shower some people claim it is…at least not for me.

The base rate while leveling is pretty low but still seems better than Bl2 . My first legendary was at the end of Skywell 27 but after that i got one about every other major boss. plus the side quest rewards have some great rewards. I think there are 2 or three legendarys from them and the shotgun from the LOTR mission is one of my favorites, its like the terramorphous one from BL2. Once you get to Mayhem 3 though it gets pretty generous. I used a gold key about every 5 to 10 levels for first character and kept my favorite guns in the vault for my second.

My drops have seemingly been somewhat better while levelling since I unlocked Guardian Ranks and pumped some points into Luck.

Honestly speaking, that is a very unusual story unless you’re only killing stuff once. If that’s the case I guess you could just be on an unlucky streak.

That aside, Borderlands 3 scales content with you now so you can go back to any previous boss, kick 7 shades of sunshine out of it a few times and get some goodies. I’d give that a try and see if your luck improves.

If Graveward was easy, give him a few more kicks in the figgin for good measure. Alternatively Captain Traunt on Athenas is a popular farming spot. Gigamind in the Meridian Metroplex is also a desirable shopping spot for tourists but I don’t remember if you kill him before or after Graveward.

As for drop rate increases, once you beat the story you get the ability to activate Mayhem Mode. This generically increases droprates across the board at the expense of mods that make the game more difficult. On Mayhem III more than one of the bosses is still a pushover for farming gear.

Hope this helps!

Are you checking your Social menu for loyalty rewards from gun manufacturers? They send you purples on a regular basis.

Plenty of sidequests hand out purple items too. I guess my luck was quite a bit better - not really hurting for guns, but I tend to loot everything very thoroughly (only L30 and did not even get to Graveward yet).