Why am I finding terramorphous so hard

I am level 74 and have a pimpernell, harold, norfleet and grog all at level but cannot even scratch him. Even pimpernell and norfleet, no joy. Was able to do him nvhm and tvhm no issues but what’s going on with this on uvhm? Help ???

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Which character are you playing and what type of build are you running?

For general advise:

I use a slag bouncing betty grenade to keep him slagged for as long as possible.

Aim for the crits (yellow spots) and fire weapons help with dot. The Hellfire is a great weapon against any flesh enemies. Terra is no exception.

A Bee Shield can put him down faster but will leave you vulnerable defensively so have some sort of heath regen handy. I normally use a Grog Nozzel and a Chain Lightning grenade for healing.

Last but not least, use the rock on the back wall (near the exit and chests) to duck and avoud 90% of his attacks.

When fighting Terra at level, expect a handfull. Others may disagree, but Terra is not exactly a push over.

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I am running sal and have a build heavily built around pistol use with a sheriffs badge.

My grenade is a magic missile I will look out for a magic missile. I did him at other levels with the dhup grog combo but cant seem to stay alive with it at uvhm.

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Moved to the Sal category, where you’re likely to get more relevant advice on build and gear. If you could fill out your current build here then copy and paste the link over, it would help folks offer better advice.


Why am I finding terramorphous so hard

That’s why.

Grog/Harold is great for mobbing: it has high DPS and is sustainable.
But against raid bosses, it’s hopelessly inadequate

First, Terra clears slag in about 1 second, so you need ways to slag him consistently, rather than “reliably” Go get a slag crossfire from the crystal vendor in Torgue,s DLC, preferably in normal mode so you don,t kill yourself accidentally with it.

Is your Norfleet fire elemental ? (Terra is weak to fire)

find yourself a Monk COM from Tina’s DLC, with at least 1 instance of neutral in the name and a boost to money shot. (and invest 5 points in it.)

It helps if you also have an explosive relic.

Empty your rocket ammo (all of it)
Gunzerk with the pimpernel in the left hand and the empty launcher in the right.

Throw a few grenades at terra before it emerges so it stays slagged consistently and shoot at it with the pimpernel.

You’re welcome.


Thanks for this. Unfortunately no, my norfleet is corrosive, I do have a fire norfleet but its 7 or 8 levels lower than my character. I do have a nukem and that weird e-tech plazma launcher. The rest I have. Monk com etc…

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The Nukem is one of my favorite for doing this. Otherwise, farm Torgue vendors for a duuurp with a mag size of 5 or 6

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disagree here, it’s not that hard to kill terra with that combo, and some slag betties/bonnies/crossfires. (i use explosive relic instead of SB, because with keep firing you don’t really need the fire rate imo).

Of course is not as easy as PimDurp cheese, but then again nothing is


If you have the Commander Lilith DLC, consider getting a World Burn rocket launcher for your right handed gun (slag pimpernel in your left), a Com that boosts money shot (as @DeputyChuck suggested) and a relic that boosts fire damage. Add some slag grenades and you should kill him fairly regularly…especially if you use the Commander Lilith DLC infection glitch (which you can find online).


you can kill terramorphous with grog harold build. show us your build and gear and will see if you are missing something.

I can kill it at 80 using the gears you have for your reference, but i am busy with arkham knight at the moment.

I mean… sure It CAN be done, but it’s not great… There are a dozen better ways to kill terra that are way better than grog/Harold.

What level are you currently?

I have a Fire Norfleet at 72 and 80 that I could spare.

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