Why am I getting free Claptrap heads without doing anything

A couple days ago the Mini Bossa head just randomly appeared in my list of heads for Claptrap, even though I don’t own and have never even played Tales from the Borderlands. Now today I went and farmed myself a head from Bosun and when I returned to Concordia I found that I suddenly had a 60BBL3-D-600K-TP head. This head makes me look like a turkey, and I can find NO info at all anywhere online that even says how to get it. Not even the Borderlands wiki has an answer, just a question mark.

Can anyone explain this? o_0

The patch gave away a couple of heads and skins that was saved for events but never happened.

I had no idea there was a patch, it must have been recent. Thanks for the explanation,

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Soooooo does that mean we’re going to get the boomacorn shotgun for free too :slight_smile:

Okay here’s update 2 on this, I really believe I’m bugged (in a good way). Yesterday 2 friends and I bought the Claptastic DLC and upon checking my new appearances after the purchase I found that not only did my Claptrap receive the Liberty and Custom Case skins but also 2 heads and 2 more skins. For some reason the game immediately gave me the N-D-GO skin dropped by Teh Earworm, the Saturday Morning skin which I have no idea how to get normally, the CMPU-TP head which is a rare drop from 5H4D0W-TP and finally the LUNR-TP which is a quest reward.

I’ve never even set foot in the DLC and my 2 friends didn’t get anything beyond the 2 skins they were supposed to get.

What gives??? Not that I mind but it’s like Christmas.