Why am i not hitting 60 fps with a 960 ssc?

i have a gtx 960 ssc, 760k, and 8 gb of corsair vengeance ram. i am averaging around 50 fps. i bought the gtx 960 to get above 60 fps but nothing happened to the fps. whats wrong with my setup. btw i am running maxed out settings

your 760k is crap at physics. and the 960 ssc is only slightly better than a 660. an fx 4130 is almost exactly the same as the 760k, but with nearly double the physics capabilities. and slightly cheaper.

Turn PhysX to low and then you should be good to go. I have a GTX760 and everything maxed except Anisotropic Filtering Off and PhysX low. I’m getting frames way beyond 60 @ 1080p.
Your CPU is probably a weak point in your build, but shouldn’t restrict you that bad.