Why am i placed at the beginning every time that I get on at jacobs cove

Just started jacobs cove a few days ago, and got up to missiona in dead haven, got halfway up the map to a save tower thing, saved and got off.

I get on today AND I AM AT THE VERY BEGGINING OF JACOBS COVE, why is this i mean my mission progress is saved but not the 20 min worth of work it took the get that far?

It’s the same for all the DLCs. You’re not alone, but you get used to it.


It’s because there’s only the one fast travel station in all of the DLCs.

When I did t-bone a while back it didn’t do that

Pretty sure you are mistaken. It has always done this in the Knoxx DLC as well.

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T-Bone Junction is the Knoxx DLC, Jo.

I know?

I meant “as well” as in “as well as in Jakobs Cove”

Guess i just worded it badly?

It is a little confusing. I thought you were saying T-Bone was a different DLC. :blush: