Why anything but shield tree...and scaling

So i have seen all these guides on builds and leveling and they just seem so off to me.The shield tree seems to offer soo much more damage and the ability to survive so much more then the other trees…such as endless mags to me it seems way better for a gun to do 60% more damage then to have 60% more ammo for it …and i see so many builds focused on buffing up iron bear but the cooldown for our action skill is so long it just does not seem worth it and IB doesnt seem to scale as well…so im only lvl36 and still on my first playthrew and i went full shield build and i just cant imagine doing moze any other way …with shield build i have tons of % gun damage added lots of flat %damage resist and huge shield and shield regen …land headshots and u can just stand out in the open 1 shoting everything in the head.I just cant seem to figure out why all the guides always go with the other 2 trees for lvling…dont get me wrong the other trees have some neat things but nothing like the shield tree…so why do the guides say diff? …

And the 2nd thing is the games scaling off for anyone else on pc…so i was just doing a lvl34 main mission but when i go to the zone everything is lvl27 the mobs the loot the vendors everything and this is in a zone that opened up for this main mission and meanwhile i am lvl36 but the main mission before this one has lvl33 mobs n what not it seems so far off scaling wise this has been happening my whole playthrew …sometimes the mobs n whatnot will be near my lvl and sometimes way below and i have tried rezoning and relogging etc…anyone else have this issue?

Well I’m playing demolition girl and it’s blast, am lvl 50 now, was lvling as demo too and at start it was rough but somewhere like lv20 or so it started to take off and it was breeze ever since. I put like 26 or more into demolition and rest in shields of retribution tree not cus i thought that’s better tree than bottomless but simply cus I feel like bottomless didn’t give my playstyle almost anything worth so some more surivi is ok. Although i can see a build utilizing both demo and bottom tree.
So all that is to when choosing tree is what playstyle u want, all trees are totally viable options and I wouldn’t say that one is inherently better than other, it just depends on what u want, that’s all.

Don’t remember about scaling so I can’t help u with that

About scaling, there is a max level for each zones in normal mode, you need to start the true vault hunter mode after finishing the story 1 time and zones will scale up to 50. If you do lot of side missions you will outlevel the campaign. I have the same problem. Just do enough side missions to keep be competitive for your first playthrough.

I haven’t done single side mission on 1 play, dicided that I’ll either do them on mayhem where theyll scale to your lvl or just simply do all of them on tvhm

As my father used to say " Different strokes for different folks" which simply means we all like different things. I LOVE bullet regen so i went down Bottomless Mags tree with a secondary focus in SOR at first, once i hit 50th lvl i respect into BM/ Demolition women and I’m having a BLAST. ( see what i did there. )

Bottomless Mags and Demolition Woman require more specific gear to shine than Shield of Retribution imo. It just give a good mix of generic boosts to survivability and damage so you can keep pressing foward with whatever you find.

Also, most people only go down to get Desperate Measures as both the Capstone and gamechanger below it are pretty meh. Especially with the Bloodletter/Deathless combo, where you can get 99% gun damage.