Why are 5-man premades allowed in Casual Play?

Isn’t that the opposite of being casual?

Casual Play should not allow for more than 2-man premades.


so they can stomp the casuals? duh!

i agree though

3 man premades r just as lethal in my opinion.

hell… even a miko + (insert other character here) can stomp a pug into the ground if they know what they are doing.

usually its miko + gali i have been running into, absolute death machine =/

battleborn hasnt been very fun today.


Well can’t group of friends play casually too? :slight_smile: It’s not always super-serious as soon as you’re 4 or 5. Heck during my Smite time ( and even my Overwatch beta time ), I would group up with enough friends to fill a team and just go goof around happily. Sometimes, that goofing was actually quite serious, though, but still with no want or need for a “competitive” mode.
Hence why imho the name “competitive” was badly chosen for the other queue, as it’s nowhere near an actual competition with ranks and ladders…



Putting premades in the competitive queue only makes a lot of sense.


unless im playing pve normal to welcome newbies, i only play in premades with battleborn discord users. we’re random players based on who’s on at the time. if you banned us from casual then we couldnt have as much fun, say, playing all supports, or all faction, etc. like we did yesterday (in both comp and casual). our w/l was probably 50/50.

i dont want to be lumped in with the hardcore people. i like being casual on a team with a bunch of people talking :stuck_out_tongue:


Competitive != hardcore. It just means that there’s elo-based matchmaking. The “casual” queue doesn’t have that so there is the potential for bigger mismatches there. By allowing premades in that queue, it allows for HUGE mismatches.

I’m not a pro player but have been going into the “competitive” queue so I have less chance of facing a dramatically better team.

Of course, if premades were diverted to the competitive queue, they wouldn’t be able to choose from all maps, currently. Of course, that could be changed (and I’m not clear why that was done in the first place since it doesn’t affect queue times).


The driver of this post was a 5-man premade I ran against in Casual Paradise Incursion, while in a team of a 3-man premade plus another random. The 3-man premade talked and coordinated and knew the group as ‘try-hards’ and were advised to take chars we were best with.

It was a hellish match, we won in the end, but only through serious teamwork and some luck. This match would have made a competitive match proud. Atypical of what I’d consider “Casual Play”. In fact the first 10 minutes was a stalemate of 100-100.

I’d wager 9/10 this 5-man premade was wiping the floor in Casual Play.

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Because they paid for the same game that you did?


As other people have mentioned, and I’ve probably repeated myself on, on other posts…

Not all 5 man premades are familiar with one another, or even communicating with each other over mic.

Some have randomly teamed up in communities (such as Battleborn Forumites - unofficial PS4 community featuring members of this very forum) just to see if they can make some friends, or because they don’t want to play alone, and are less likely to cop mic abuse from a random on their team this way.

Some people are even meeting in queue, rolled on from game to game with each other after being successful, so someone adds each player as a friend incase a server error occurs, that way they don’t lose each other, and gain some future friends/team ups out of it,

Some friends are there just to be casual too, not talking tactics of the game over their mics, but talking about how their day was, what movie they last saw, what music they are currently into… And still succeed despite their lack of ‘game’ communication, because individually they are good, and know how to keep an eye on their minimap at all times.

But yes… Premades whom are in the casual queue, to be far less than casual, meaning ‘I’m here because it’s an easy win’, should probably be more considerate of those whom aren’t there to be stomped by their ‘win at all costs’ mindset.
Some are even probably there to raise their in game stats too, so they can get better match ups in the competitive queue… They might have had a series of losses in competitive mode for example, and now need a boost to their win stats, and casual is probably seen as the easier alternative to do so.
Once again… I don’t promote this as being fair behaviour, and certain premades should reconsider their motives.

But to ban all premades, wouldn’t be entirely fair… Because some are there just for fun like you, they can’t help if they turn over a win/stomp.
Casual play shouldn’t promote ‘lazy/easy’ behaviour either… Everyone should want to achieve the same goals despite the in game titles of ‘casual or competitive’, and that’s getting better, succeeding, winning, and most importantly, having fun!

But also as I mentioned in another topic, no matter the team, or even the individual random set up, we will all still encounter stomps, whether we are the ones doing it, or having it done to us.
Because at the end of the day, we aren’t computer AI, we are individual players with our own levels of skill.
None of us are equally matched as human beings, command ranks and matchmaking ELOs have nothing to do with our own capabilities as people.
(Some are great at incursion, some capture, some meltdown, and some all three!)

So over all, be kind to one another, and if you encounter good people/players, let them know, you might just get your own ‘premade’ out of it… Whether for giggles in casual play, or to put your big boy pants on in competitive mode… It’s all good fun! :grinning:


Well what would you qualify as casual ? Being able to win without too much of a hurdle ? Or is it just a mind set ? I mean, I’m not sure how your example is a “bad” thing. There will be close games requiring more teamplay and efforts even in a casual queue, for example when you are matched against same skill players. Even in full PUG. And some games will feel like they were “competitive”. After all, the goal is still to win :wink: It also include, sadly, being wrecked from time to time because “casual” embraces a laaarge crowd of differently skilled people.

Or maybe “casual” just means “go there like there was no tomorrow and goof around”, in which case I’m not sure I grasp what’s fun there either when everybody is just running around, headless chicken style :stuck_out_tongue:

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except casual is for connection based matchmaking, not for people who don’t want to play in a group. Why shouldn’t 5 man premade teams be allowed?

Heres the definition of Casual -

adjective: casual
relaxed and unconcerned.

I think the main reason people play premade is to better their chances at winning, this certainly makes then CONCERNED about winning.

inb4 “i like to play with my friends”

do people really have 4 real life legit friends they know who all play battleborn? i dont think so.

I think what is happening is people are sending each other friend requests and then trying to group with said people to better their chances at winning.


Some just play in a premade group because they are all friends. Me and some friends just ran a couple of Casual PvP as a 5 man group. Two of the people were still relatively new to the game and we didn’t want to subject them to ranked/skill based matches right off the bat.

And for the record, our 5-man premade team lost both of our Casual matches.

Not every premade group is a bunch of killer players looking to stomp newbies. Some of us really are just looking for some fun without worrying about rankings.


I’ve met some pretty cool people online, and even though I’ll most likely never get to meet them in real life, doesn’t mean I can’t consider them friends and want to play games with them.


i typically play in a premade. i prefer casual for two reasons: i want to choose when i want to play skill based matches. it isnt something i want to do every single match.
the other reason is because i feel as if competitive needs some major tweaks before i will take it seriously and queue it. they are going to have to disable legendary gear, and they are going to have to at least institute drafts. that, and there are still a few glaring outlyers that need some attention, as far as character balance goes. since bans would be extremely difficult to implement in matchmaking in a pub, there still is some balancing that needs to happen

To be fair, I’m a female, and none of my IRL female friends even OWN a console… So if I come across another female whom is a gamer, I legitimately WANT to be their friend, even if I’ll never meet them, haha.
I consider every person on my ‘friends’ list a friend, because I have actually engaged with them in conversation, whether on mic, or via message options.
I care about their well being, and if they are having a good day, and overall a good experience within the game… And if we win, than yay!

P.S/edit: And I’m pretty sure even Casual (which the definition has no stance for really) queue players want to win - otherwise the ‘always losing’ (because of premades, or matchmaking, or other) threads take poll position on the forum… We have all been there, haha.


I get frustrated by all the fear against 5 person teams. You are assuming that each player is a top player, they have all played together before, and that they are all playing their best characters, and that they have a specific strategy for the map/mode.

As someone who plays often in five person teams, I can assure that rarely are all the above assumptions correct for a given match. The players in a 5 man are usually no different from other players in terms of skill, often people are trying out new characters, they are friends of friends and haven’t played together before, or they are playing a map mode they don’t normally play. I’ve lost games to 5 randoms in a team before and I’m sure it will happen again.

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Even being male I totally get this. I was in a PVE match with two women that had headsets and were clearly having a good Saturday night. I had no headset and couldn’t talk but it was a shock to hear them having a good time and wondering about the mechanics. Wanted to chat with them so much just to encourage them to keep playing and I had a few answers to their questions.
It’s rare to find women gamers for all the sexism and I actually know you don’t like the label but I feel it’s apropos here. I too would love for the distinction not to be made but you have to admit that there is an inherit bias. I felt like I was missing an opportunity to talk to them as fellow gamers and to positively reinforce the community.


Because there’s those of us that just want to get into a quick casual game. I don’t know (IRL) any of the 4 other players I played with tonight. We just kept getting matched often and started grouping up. We ran a 5 man and just had fun playing. If we ran across a low level group 2 or 3 (or 4) of the players would play someone new instead of their main.
We had a ton of close games despite being a 5 man pre-made; don’t let that intimidate you.
We’ve had just 2 or 3 of us grouped with randoms go against 5 man pre-mades and easily won. A group is usually just that: A group of people who just decided to group together so they can keep playing together. We laugh, we bust each others chops, and enjoy a little friendly smack talk; it’s the social aspect of the pre-made sometimes, not the skill.
We ultimately started doing more casual because despite the competitive games being closer than the casual in terms of skill, the wait on competitive %#$)ing sucks!!!
We just want to play.

On a side note, if you just played a game (solo) with a 2 or 3 or 4 man pre-made, don’t be afraid to friend request one of them and group up. The low pop doesn’t seem so lonely when you have someone to talk to in the lobby.


What is the difference between going solo queue and in a pre-made? Why a pre-made is more fun than PUG? The only answer that doesn’t affect the outcome of matches is less waiting time. Others do affect and you get more wins. Not always, of course, but on average. It discourages solo-queuers from playing the game.