Why are all Jakobs Legends/Pearls trying to be something else?

The Striker is trying to be a Sniper Rifle.
The Maggie and Skullmasher are trying to be Shotguns.
The Hammer Buster and Hammer Buster II are trying to be sniper rifles.
The Unforgiven is trying to be a Sniper Rifle.
The Luck Cannon is trying to be a Rocket Launcher.
The Godfinger is trying to be a Sniper Rifle, and failing.
The Bekah is trying to be a good gun, and doing it really well.

Do Jakobs weapons just come with a build in Multiple Personality Disorder?

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Since they don’t care for fancy elemental damage, they have to make the gun at least interesting in some other way. Besides, most of the ones you’ve mentioned do really well, even if they are trying to be a different weapon class.

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Why is that? Godfinger is the one of the best snipers for sniper purists. As Zer0 I’ve used that sniper to OSOK most of the enemies across the whole map.

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Bolt Action = Sadness. Mukamuck/Diaub is better.

Like I’ve said, its made for sniper purists. The damage is increased based on how far away the target is.

The Unforgiven and the Luck Cannon are supposed to be hand cannons, which are revolvers that really fit Jakobs imo.

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Luck cannon is by far one of it’s own kind. The two fer prefix damage is really insane plus chance to cause Explosive damage with splash. And that is the reason even two fer has 1 mag. Only nisha can two shots the two fer cannon. One for each of you up the shots to 4.
One shot reload one shot reload, yep Clappy best sidearm with cc and load n explode plus 1/8 of olt. Effective for mid to long range, up close flayer or coach, damn remind me of the jakobs Clappy in zombie dlc.

Loooool the godfinger is not one of the best snipers in any universe. The only way I could see this being true is if you’re walking around in normal with op8 gear

You can’t possibly be far enough away in most maps for this to equal any normal snipers, let alone be “the best”

[quote=“Flameyes, post:8, topic:243465”]You can’t possibly be far enough away in most maps for this to equal any normal snipers, let alone be “the best”[/quote]This distance to the Hyperion Turret shown in the picture below is all you need to put the Godfinger’s damage a bit above the Buffalo (797k vs 713k); at the farthest distance I could get from this turret, I was hitting it for 3720k. I’ll do this same test with whatever sniper rifle you like, but for someone who prefers to snipe from long distances (purists), it’s hard to beat the Godfinger. My Muckamuck was hitting for 690k, for comparison.

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The problem is that you have to be really, really far away to gett it to work, while a Muckamuck still kills close up.
Other than this, every other Jakobs weapons are great.

Have a Nisha that only runs Jakobs and my OP8 Mechromancer uses the Bekah and Twister.

[quote=“0takuMetalhead, post:10, topic:243465”]The problem is that you have to be really, really far away to gett it to work, while a Muckamuck still kills close up.[/quote]Do you consider the distance shown in the picture above to be really really far away? That distance puts it on par with the Buffalo… you can be even closer to match Muckamuck damage.

I can put multiple shots down range with the Muckamuck compared to one Godfinger,I know which one I’m taking into combat


And the fact that, and I can’t stress it enough, the Muck isn’t restricted to certain ranges.

And this, the Godfinger would’ve gotten less flak from me if it wasn’t bolt action, or maybe a higher base damage.

Just because YOU dont like it / dont know how to use it, doesnt make it bad. I dont know about you, but sniping with Pimpernel and/or Pitchfork is nothing close to “sniping” for me. Those 2 are more like assault rifles to me than the snipers. Like ive said for sniper “purists” Godfinger is one of “the best”. Next time read what ive wrote before you start loling around.


I see - we’re looking at sniping differently. The distance to target shown below (the rooftop over the Lynchwood train station) is something I consider the far end of “short” range when sniping (the raised walkway would be medium range). From this distance, the Godfinger is out-damaging the Hawkeye, Muckamuck, and Buffalo (but not the Elephant Gun… need a little more distance before the Godfinger out-damages that, but Elephant Gun crit shots at these distances are fairly difficult). Also, I think our definition of a Jakobs ‘purist’ is one who follows their slogan, “If it took more than one shot, you weren’t using a Jakobs”. Praising a Muckamuck for its fire rate sounds… weird. Not that it won’t kill things, isn’t fun to use, nor is a terrible sniper rifle (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use mine all the time), but I think we’re talking about two different strategies (both of which are viable, they just favor different weaponry).

On topic - I think as weapon gimmicks vary, there will be some crossover that makes it seem like a different weapon type, but this isn’t unique to Jakobs weapons. One could say that Vladof sniper rifles are trying to be assault rifles, Hyperion pistols are trying to be sniper rifles, or Bandit assault rifles are trying to be shotguns, for example, but I see what you’re saying.

At that distance, enemy spawning will bite you in the ass.
I don’t remember who told this, but in co-op, when the other player scouts ahead the spawning isn’t much of an issue, but for a lone wolf, it is. To be fair though, I have no clue how the PC/THC versions handles this but it does apply to X360/PS3.

I can see why you like the Godfinger, and I’ve tried to like it myself (I have one or 2 of them on my Zer0) but the distance needed, it being bolt-action and the fact that you can’t use skills that increase bullet speed turns me of from this rifle.


And just because you don’t like/aren’t good with it, doesn’t mean others aren’t.

2 things:

  1. I don’t need someone to spellcheck my posts, unless I specifically ask for it, so please refrain from doing it the next time.
  2. Implying that I call the Godfinger bad? It has its isseus but as I said before, I can see why others might like it. So don’t jump to conclusions.

Also let’s be civil,no one kicked your pet dog,it’s just a difference of opinion and yeah being the grammar police just ticks people off

Apparently you do need someone to spell check for you. It’s nothing to get upset over.