Why are all Jakobs Legends/Pearls trying to be something else?

Why? It’s not a competition.
Besides, as much as I love grammar and spelling, if I can read what someone has written, then I’m fine with it.

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Learn some manners.

Aye guys I’ll give someone a 20 psn if they take me and 2 brothers to the pyro bar and get us level 72 desperately need to hit it add TinyToon16

There will be no kerfuffles here. Quit spellchecking others and quit the passive-aggressive attacks. Everyone has an opinion. Express yours politely and respect others opinions even if they differ from yours.
Simple concept really.

Im glad there are people out there who know how awesome the godfinger really is. Its ashame people bash it and say it sucks.

Could kinda say the same about Dahl. The veruc or whatever recopy name is like a shorty. Sniper like a normal burst Dahl ar

not really. three shots isnt a shotgun, and the blowfly/hornet and the torrent are pretty normal.

I don’t think you’ve used the legendary Dahl AR the reason I said its kind of like a shotgun is because of the bullet spread. And the reason I said that about snipers being like ARs is because they have the damage that Dahl ARs should have. Maybe not quite that much but IMO Dahl ARs are lacking a bit compared to other manufacturers. Especially the NE variants. But NE lacking in uvhm is a whole topic on its own

And the reason I didn’t add the torrent and blowfly is for what you said. I wasn’t including those

I sadly have to agree on this.
Other than Miniguns and the Veruc/Major Tom they aren’t worth using. Which is a shame since I love the Dahl aesthetics.

oh i like the maggie colt, it is so devastating and in mi opinion it is not trying to be a shotgun, it is a shotgun lol

I only use bolt action. I don’t like semi-autos.

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I would like to see the Godfinger to return in BL3, assuming BL3 is open world and enemy can spawn far ahead before our character is in close proximity.

I would like to see the Godfinger and the Bekah returning in all borderlands games, to be honest.

+1 for Bekah.

The Godfinger is a GOOD gun

It’s not the best sniper, not even by any stretch.
…but it’s also not “failing at being a sniper”

If you want to play like a true classic sniper, there are precious few better choices around, and again, it depends on other factors. (In relatively close ranges, I think a Skullmasher, a Lyuda or a element-matched Snider would do just as good if not better…but that’s it)

If you want to compare all weapons that fall under the whole “Sniper rifles” category, then the Godfinger is a very good one… not that great, but not average. Obviously the Pimp and Lyuda are clear #1 and 2. Then, in any order, the Sloth, Pitchfork, Godfinger and Longbow make up the rest of the “top”

As for the Striker trying to be a sniper, well it’s actually the shotgun that acts the closest to a real-life 12 gauge :stuck_out_tongue:

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The Godfinger is the true definition of YMMV when it comes to BL. Personally find it too situational but I’ve spoken to others who love using it.

On that note, are there people around here who like the Storm? I certainely do.

The Godfinger/Skullmasher/Buffalo/whatever can suck it. BessieTrueSniperMasterRace.


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Don’t be jealous just 'cause you never had a Bessie

Untill then, Orion Master Sniper Something Something.