Why are/aren't you playing during the Lootpocalypse?

I’m curious to see why people either are or aren’t playing during this event. I haven’t played in upwards of a month (because of Alani drama), but I like the look of Pendles and I’m praying there isn’t the huge level of community anarchy surrounding his release.
That’s why I’m playing this weekend. He’s being released soon (supposedly by the end of this month) and I want enough Rogue lootpacks to at least get one or two skins/taunts for him. Even if I don’t like him I’m bound to play until I get him to rank 15. A nifty skin and/or funny taunt would ease that pain a bit.

How about you kids out there? What’s your opinion of the lootpocalypse?

[quote=“Jordangold527, post:1, topic:1541059, full:true”]What’s your opinion of the lootpocalypse?

Well, for one, I’m running it because I just enjoy playing. The Lootpocalypse was just a nice side benefit. As to the Lootpocalypse itself, I’m buying up loot packs like crazy. I finally got the last Eldrid skin/taunt I was missing (Alani’s second one T.T it doesn’t even look nice but I’m a collector/completionist) so I can work on the Jennerit.


I got four legendaries so far. Three during Algorithm (normal), one from a faction loot pack.

I have played about 5 missions during this weekend, so that’s not much. Still, I really wouldn’t call this a lootpocalypse - the drop rates aren’t really convincing me to play more. If there was one guaranteed legendary, e.g. for the last boss of each map, then maybe I’d give it a chance.

I like the decreased prices, so I bought 15 faction packs and found two new bugs in the menus. Time to update the list of interface issues…


I’m hoping to get on it later…chores need choring. Lawns need mowning.


Same, except my hair needs cutting.

I am playing just for PvP as always. Lootpocalypse seems to be bugged because I am not getting a lot of drops, probably getting less drops than before.

Trying to get some legendaries like boots of The Brute and others. So far, I’ve gotten 3/4 of the legendaries I need and better variants I do have. Also trying to get taunts from loot packs. RNJesus has been kind to me so far.

I like the game anyways so thats why I’m playing but this supposed event doesn’t seem like an event at all as I haven’t gotten a single legendary at all, best thing I got was an epic that didn’t even come from a boss but a chest. The disappointing drop rates during “the event” makes me actually not want to play right now.

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Even with higher drop rates, people are gonna have more luck than others. Yesterday I jumped in and played one mission after a long break and got a legendary right off the bat.

This event doesn’t mean guaranteed legendaries, just a better chance (theoretically).

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mostly cuz the loot isn’t very compelling or exciting

Bborn needs to switch to a much more fun and addicting progression system a la Evolve Stage 2

legendaries I can rarely get activated during a pvp match aren’t exciting. Generally end up using stuff that costs 400-800 for a realistic chance at using them all.

Story mode has no real story or excitement to make worthwhile to repeat. Seems like they were working on a story and then cut it all to barebones with a few horde modes and escorts per “story” and something kinda cool at the end but with a nightfall (old destiny style) mechanic to burn you out.

Game could use dailies for progression. A reason to login.
Game could use a universal currency that you can pay Real Money for OR just grind for it for another reason to login.
Game needs TONS more rewards and dopamine moments on the grind

The loot bags need to be totally reworked. The amount of worthless items you get and the incredibly slow pace at which you acquire the money are just totally out of balance and take all of the excitement out of it.

Barely anyone is addicted to this game. Gbox needs to change their coming design instead of just plodding along as planned with tweaks here and there.

Just make this game ADDICTING instead of “meh” and “burnout”

some real story would also be nice. right now you basically added a huge grind unlockable text codex at minimal dev cost.

why did you guys have to cut so many corners?


Had you played in the two weeks before this weekend’s supposed event? A little more than 1 legendary per run was the norm. Haven’t gotten a single legendary since “Lootpocalypse” started. Drop rates were supposed to be pushed “through the roof”, even compared to what they’d been, for this event.

Is it possible that RNG has been unkind? Yes. Is it likely? No. Especially not with most people reporting lower or similar (at best) drop rates as last week.


I’m playing just to play but I feel like the lootpocalypse is the old drop rate with a buff which was less than the old drop rate. However, I am loving the reduced loot packs.

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I’m a collector when it comes to legendary gear.

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Feels like I’m getting the same loot drop percentage but really want to get the boots of the brute. :slight_smile: Alani drama? You really stopped playing for a month because of Alani drama… Well Alani is ok now

I’m not playing because the matche wait goes up to TWENTY MINUTES before I quit

I haven’t bothered playing it. The legendary drop rate was already buffed substantially a while back, to the point where I already got all of the legendaries that I wanted about a week ago. I would have thought that most people would have already got all the legendaries they were chasing before this event with the drop rates so high so I’m confused as to why GBX thought a loot based event was the best choice at this point in time. The faction pack decrease in price is cool, but I don’t have any horde of credits to spend. Plus, the skins you can get in the packs are bland recolours and I don’t much care for taunts so they’re not worth much to me.

But gear only drops in PvE missions. Are your waitingtimes so bad for PvE too?

Did this morning but then had to do the brakes on the lovely wife’s truck. :truck:
Back to BB shortly.

im not playing ATM because my brother is streaming on netflix, and my internet is crap. it used to be 15 mb/s, now its 2mb/s. the lag is so bad i can’t do anything.

edit: i just noticed there is a reply button for the thread. i’ve been a noob poster and using the reply button on the last post that was made. sry for the notification.

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Queuing is pretty bad, at least on the PC.

Running Heliophage, Rendain loves to troll me with greens.