Why are/aren't you playing during the Lootpocalypse?

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Plenty of other people reported similar drop rates. I don’t have access to Gearbox’s numbers and they didn’t release a hard number for what the increase was, so going off what the forums are reporting and what my friends and I are experiencing is all I can do.

And yes, I read what you wrote. I also responded to it by pointing out the increased drop rate was openly advertised by GBX. (And by the way, you called me a liar. How is that not saying I’m wrong?)

I said it in another thread, and Kitru said a similar thing here: for an event that advertised drop rates being “through the roof”, when compared to the already high drop rates of the last two weeks, the drop rates sure seemed to be off.

Of course we’ve now had Jythri say what he said, and in the last hour Joe has confirmed that things have not been working as they’d intended (and they’re looking for what went wrong). So, this is all moot.

Edit: I’m gonna address this anecdote thing a bit more. I said in another thread that I’m aware the reports on the forums and my experience could all just be examples of bad luck. I also said I’d happily admit to such if the devs would let us know what the global drop rate has been. (In light of Jythri and Joe’s comments, I’m willing to bet “not Lootpocalypse levels” is the answer). I’m also aware there can be a selection bias for the people who choose to post about the lackluster drop rate.

All that being said, to simply brush aside all these reports as mere anecdotes is wrong. I didn’t play a single game then come here and proclaim that to be the global drop rate. I played many games, both before and during the event (still playing during the event, actually), and most of the reports I’ve seen on the forums have been roughly the same experience (the average of 1 legendary per run was my personal experience, but from the sounds of it people have been hovering somewhere between .5-1 per run since the permanent increase). The law of large numbers dictates that the more we play, the closer to the global drop rate we should be getting.

It’s not a randomly selected sample from a large data pool, no. But it’s not a couple flimsy anecdotes either.

[quote=“Giuvito, post:49, topic:1541059, full:true”]That and it costs nothing to be kind.

I costs me calories and increases my allostatic load as I am forced to behave in a civil manner against my will!


(interestingly enough, the whole idea of “letting off steam”, e.g. cathartic release, on a regular basis actually increases your allostatic load, e.g. stress level, over long periods of time, doing the exact opposite of what people think it should do; as such, it’s actually a benefit to yourself in the long term to be kind and not be a jackass; it doesn’t just cost nothing to be kind, it actually pays out health dividends /themoreyouknow)


Damn those glucocorticoids!

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Most of everything you’ve said has been irrelevant because it doesn’t invalidate what I originally said. The only reason you keep dragging this on is because you keep claiming I called you a liar because you said the drop rates were increased.

What part of “I’m not saying he’s wrong about the drop rate increase” do you not understand? Your response means nothing because despite how many times I’ve said otherwise, it’s based on the implication that I called you a liar because you said the drop rates were increased. The question that came before that statement is a dead giveaway of what I was referring to.

However you meant to say what you think the drop rates are doesn’t change the fact it’s an anecdote. It’s based entirely off of personal accounts made by you and a few other people, as you admitted to in the first paragraph.

I gotta agree with @DevonS3 here.

I honestly think the drop rates depend on which platform your on. I’ve read reports of legendaries rainging from the sky for some people yet that doesn’t seem to be the case here on XB1.

My guess is that instead of bluffing the drop rate that we had up until the lootpocalypse started they buffed the original drop rate which wasn’t much to begin with.

If you compared the original drop rate to the drop rate now it would seem at those legendaries were raining from the sky.

However, with the most recent patch regarding RNG we already had legendaries practically every run and sometimes more, somethings none. Equaling somewhere around a legendary a run.

And yes, calling someone a liar or rather “the biggest lie I’ve ever heard” AKA disagreeing with their statement and calling it false is the same thing as calling them wrong. Yes it is based of of the persons experience but what right do you have to label their experience as false. Take this last part with a grain of salt, I can understand why you would state something of the matter but I personally can’t stand it when someone says they didn’t do something when they clearly did.


The very first thing you said to me was that the drop rates I’d been having were “the biggest lie you’d ever heard of”. (Never mentioned anything about anecdotes at first either. You’ve been moving goalposts like kids playing hockey in the street.)

The massively increased drop rates were not just noticed by me and “a few other people”.

The seemingly unchanged, or possibly decreased, Lootpocalypse drop rates were also noted by more than just “a few” people. Go ahead and search the forums.

Anyway, for everyone’s sake, but mostly mine, I’m done with this conversation. It started out bad, has been completely fruitless since, and I’ve got better things to do. (Especially since it looks like people’s suspicions have been confirmed by Joe and the devs at this point.)

I’m not the one claiming to know what the drop rates are based on anecdotal evidence. All I said was regardless of the percentage the rate will be different for everyone. This is why anecdotal evidence is unreliable. And now here you are using it to claim the rate is based on platform? What reason do I have to not take everything said with a grain of salt?

You didn’t specify yourself, you just said getting 1 legendary per run was the norm.

Forum posters make up a huge minority of the people playing a game, much less people who are frequent posters so yes, in that context, it’s only a few.

Also note that you started this by trying to invalidate my first post with anecdotal evidence, which never made sense to begin with because what I said was true regardless of what the situation is with the lootpocalypse.

You’re insane. I’m done here too.

I “started this”? What? I did not try to invalidate anything you said. All I did was ask if you’d been playing during the pre-Lootpocalypse Lootpocalypse, then gave some numbers (numbers that plenty other people were experiencing) to add to the overall picture.

I asked a question out of curiosity, and up to this point I have been polite (unlike you), I haven’t been condescending (unlike you), I have responded to your concerns about anecdote (I stand by my argument regarding this, by the way) and you’re going to pull the schoolyard tactic of “he started it”!?

I know I said I was done, but I have poor impulse control, and this is just so out of left field I had to respond. Go troll someone else please.


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Well I started playing again after my PS4 got fixed. Took a long time to find a group, which isn’t a good sign. After finally getting into a game the joy is not there anymore for me. I see no increase in loot at all.

I didn’t play during Lootpocalypse because I rarely play PvE anymore, most legendaries are not worth their shard cost and many people have said their drop rates are the same or worse.

Hola te comento una forma facil de lotear l9s gears.
Juego mucho al pve y en mi experiencia una forma muy alta de drop gears epicos es matar rapidamente a los bñjefes y subjefes de cada nivel. En este fin de semana en particular he loteado 5 gears epicos y 2 de ellos nunca los habia obtenido.

[quote=“garrido0909, post:63, topic:1541059, full:true”]
Hola te comento una forma facil de lotear l9s gears.Juego mucho al pve y en mi experiencia una forma muy alta de drop gears epicos es matar rapidamente a los bñjefes y subjefes de cada nivel. En este fin de semana en particular he loteado 5 gears epicos y 2 de ellos nunca los habia obtenido
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I just threw it into Google translate and figured I would share in case anyone else was planning on doing the same.

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I wonder if the loot drops may be bugged for some people and not for others which is why we are seeing differing reports from different people? Also, for me the hotfix for Thorn applied properly and her Blight has the shorter duration and yet others report that the hotfix did not apply and they still have the longer duration. This points to another problem altogether and may need to be looked at. In fact I would summon the great and almighty @JoeKGBX so he can pass this along to the appropriate people. Also, while you are here Joe, hi. :wave:


I’m thinking you’re right. Maybe it’s like the shift codes? Some people can get them to go through without a problem, others button mash until they work, and some, nothing works (until they are reissued as ‘fixed’).

I only saw the two legendaries I mentioned above after several hours of play. And while I gathered plenty of greens and whites, and the occasional blue, they were the norm from opening chests anyway… But it had me playing BB at least, and gathered many many credits for future use!

Gotten 3 legendaries since the game first came out, I played lootpacolypse for the first time today and got my 3rd legendary. All my legendaries came from the algorithm.