Why are/aren't you playing during the Lootpocalypse?

Legendary drop rate has been lower for me as well. And I haven’t gotten a single epic item from mobs which was supposed to be added. However I do quite enjoy the lower credit cost for faction boosters, even if I haven’t gotten anything I want from them so far.

Yeah, I’ve been playing more PVE and less competitive. but that’s just because I’m getting bored of PVP and loving the campaign.

Not that interested in gear but I did invite my partner over to my place to have a good old LAN party (AKA play Battleborn with me all weekend)

I also bought a ton of Commander Packs and didn’t get anything I was looking for :frowning: These things are stingy af.

I like the game and plan on revisiting with every update like I do with any game I enjoy.

I love loot and I love skins. So, this weekend event could not be better for me. I now have half the legendary drops, but the skins have not been so kind. Lots of packs and not much to show for it. Plus, Isic and Rendain are still being stingy bastards.

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Junkapocalypse :scream:

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Still trying to get the Caldy taunt.

I’ll always switch on for an event, it gives me a reason to play, when I might consider playing something else, I rotate the games I play a lot. (Play all the games!)

I’ve still got medals to achieve in PvE (some in normal hardcore, and some hardcore advanced), so gathering a bit of extra loot along the way is nice.

I had two legendaries drop in the algorithm straight away, but then it’s been just whites, green and the odd blue. But I’m still happy to sell the things I don’t want, as loot still equals credits, and I still have packs to buy for skins/taunts I’m missing.

Also, credits could come in handy for things in the future. I don’t mind saving up for a rainy day, just in case.

Tried giving PvP a go too, but the queues didn’t go anywhere, so PvE it is this weekend :slight_smile:

Oh, it’s PvE only? I’ve been doing this all wrong. Screw me. Thanks!

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Have not logged in >.<
Work all weekend and… Pokemon Go…

Want to try and get on for some awesome loot though >.<

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at work as usual on the weekends, but helped someone get their attikus win on echelon yesterday, and bought 14 epic packs with my pendles money since i figured i wouldnt get a better chance for legendaries there- got two max roll legendaries.

also not feeling the ‘noticeable’ increase in either drop rates or drop rarities (though ive only played a few matches in my spare non work time since it started), feels like its been going down every day since the buff, lol.

cant complain, the buff a while back made a difference.

edit: although SOMEONE on the discord got a taunt they were looking for and two legendaries FROM THE SAME PACK. so something’s up :stuck_out_tongue:

1 legendary per run? That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever heard of.

They buffed the drop rate a couple weeks ago. But go ahead and call me a liar. Don’t really care.


Pretty much anyone that’s been doing PvE for the past couple of weeks will back up @DevonS3’s story. You had roughly a 50% chance to get a legendary each story mission you did and a pretty good chance for more, so it averaged to about 1 per mission.

There’s a reason people are saying that the only thing they notice about the drop rate is that it seems to have gone down: it was crazy high for the last few weeks and, when it was supposed to be cranked up even higher, it ended up doing the opposite.


Perhaps we should hear people out before claiming they were a liar, and especially with added hyperbole.

Please feel free to express that you doubt it being the case, but be open to the idea that you may be wrong, as the other person is expected to do the same.

In this particular case, there was a huge boost in rates, and there is precedence to the claim.

Also, RNG is a cruel but giving God.


I haven’t been able to play more than one match (just as I’m writing this, actually). Had a whole thing planned out; was going to make it a 3 day date with my gf…

but family decided to come visit for the full weekend.

Like, not complaining, but it was uncanny how it all worked.

Sadly, I haven’t been able to play at all. I’ve been waiting in lobby’s for over 15minutes and not a single match or teammate has been found.

In my opinion, the event has been a giant letdown so far. I’d prefer to have the drop rate before the Lootpocalypse started.

An anecdotal doesn’t decide who’s right or wrong. I’m not even saying he’s wrong about the drop rate increase. Never seen a difference in drop rates in the last 2 weeks. Not that legendary drops have ever been rare for my standards. I have enough to where I’m mostly seeing ones I already have. Since the event I only played once on Friday, got a legendary I never seen before. Saturday, ran 5-6 missions and got a legendary on all of them. All of them I already had but some had better stats.

My point is unless drop rates are guaranteed everyone won’t have the same results. I don’t care if the drop rates were buffed. Unless he was only speaking for himself getting 1 legendary per run was definitely not a norm. I only took a week break from the game so if it has been two weeks since, that one week I played was no different for me. If I had to guess I get a legendary somewhere between 5-15 missions I play, been that way for me since launch.

They announced the increased drop rate. I’m not basing this just off of my personal experience. I don’t like pulling this kind of ■■■■, but I’m feeling compelled to. I have a B.S. in both mathematics and computer science. I don’t need you to lecture me on RNG or probability, especially when, again, the devs explicitly told us they were increasing the drop rate dramatically, and I and plenty others saw the increased drop rate in action.


Same. ;-; I hope they keep the 800 price tag, because 9 times out of 10 you just get garbage gear from faction packs.