Why are events time gated?

Why can’t events be a toggled on/off in the main menu so people that don’t play everyday or buy the game later can enjoy the full game? Why do we have these time gated events like in MMOs in a borderlands game?

I’m honestly trying to figure out the point or the enjoyment of having content removed from the game, can someone explain?


Part of it is that with multiple seasonal events it could be problematic to have more than one of them active simultaneously.

Imagine Cartel enemies, ghosts, and hearts spawning simultaneously. There’d just be too much going on.

Given how this game isn’t terribly stable in its base form, this kind of thing would probably just insta-crash the game more often than not.

I’m not really opposed to seasonal events, but I wish they wouldn’t release a cap increase right AFTER the end of an event. That just feels like we’re being trolled.


I very much enjoy the idea of the events. It makes them special, something to concentrate on knowing there’s a limited time to farm certain gear. I also very much liked that it could be toggled on and off, but that’s another matter.

I missed the first one, to my chagrin, but I do wonder if they’ll bundle them back up again down the road and they can be toggled on - one at a time presumably. They’re too much work to just put up for 2 months and then scrap them.

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Yeah, the way things have gone it would be nice to get the Level Cap Increase at the BEGINNING of the event, or right before the event starts.
Especially things like the Loot the Universe event.


Because that’s part of their life-service approach to BL3.

It’s only available for a limited amount of time, and it’s likely to come back after a year, again for a limited amount of time.

It encourages players to keep playing/come back to the game. Same as loot events and a small level cap increase right after that.

But it’s free (unlike Headhunter packs in BL2 or UVHM). So a lot of people are fine with this.

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They ought to be able to have their own isolated instances spawn, then, based on own selecting them individually or something.

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They have previously confirmed that the events will be back. My guess would be as toggleable features at some point. However they may run them as seasonal events for another year.

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It’s to artificially extend the games lifespan. BL2 never did this to the extent BL3 does, and it had a strong consistent playerbase. BL2 thrived off of so much stuff to do at your own pace.

If they really want this game to last longer, this stuff should be permanent. No one wants to wait a year at a time to access some of the most replayable content in the game. Especially since uh… the files dont even disappear???


I don’t mind the events themselves being time restricted but the event areas should be freely accessible after unlocking them for the first time.


Well they will be back so why is it a problem? You can get your Ghast calls and wedding invitations again later when these events return like in any game with seasonal events so just be patient. It is honestly a non issue, although a good work around would be a traditional raid boss that drops exclusively event items and it nigh uncheesable maybe? It would be enough rng and challenge to warrant the rare seasonal drops and give us more content so why not XD

Honestly, I never liked the idea of the events being limited. Players are almost always starved for content so it makes no sense to me to reduce the amount people can play when it already exists and is on the hard drive.


I feel like it’s just more content that we’ve already experienced, and could still be experiencing. I’m sure one day they will have them all released and toggle-able, or atleast I hope so, because who wouldn’t want more areas to farm for good gear?
I want a lvl 60 OPQ system with 100% cryo! It would be pretty neat! but I don’t wanna, you know, wait a year and possibly forget that the event is happening and by then I might not even want to play the game still!

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Noelle has confirmed that these events will return. Not sure what that’s going to look like, but we will be able to get leveled up OPQs again.

Also Randy Pitchford himself hopped into twitch chat yesterday and confirmed that there is a lot of new content planned even after DLC4 drops. So there’s plenty in the pipeline to keep us entertained until these events return.


All I can say, if there is going to be another Level Cap increase, have the Loot the Universe event AFTER the Level Cap…


I am not going to lie. The threat of another Level Cap increase, after farming up only maybe 3/5 of the gear I want/need, to level 60, is a serious downer… even more so, another incremental 3 levels one.

If GB drops a stunningly brave Level 63 max anytime soon, it’s GGPO, for me, until either all further content is released, or at least until there is a Hardcopy GoTY Edition that I can play offline without worrying about constant updates, hotfixes, and other assorted shenanigans.

Limited time events are fine. They’re a part of everyday life. Do you walk into the grocery store and complain that the same they were running last week is over? Do you demand that the same time 100% of the time?

Limited time events are cool, it makes them feel special. If they ran all the time it’d be boring.

We are…

I wish somebody would slap what you just said into the memory banks of every single dev that works on this game, and to Randy in particular.

When I start thinking I’m playing Destiny while I’m playing Borderlands, they’ve lost me. Destiny is a slog-fest, and I don’t like a slog-fest.

And with all of the current loot events running into early/mid September. When the next DLC is likely coming out along with the next level cap.

Yeeeeaaaaa, they keep doing it.

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There’s little endgame activity in the game as it is. Why they would gate Heck and Cartel once a year is… very questionable.

Sure you can do trials but what loot do they give? :PP