Why are limited bank slots even a thing?

I’ve been racking my brains but I can’t think of a single justifiable reason as to why we have limited gear bank slots in a $60 game.
And if we want more, we have to grind for them.
In a $60 game.
Why do we not have unlimited bank slots from the get go (or at least, way more than a paltry 39)? Why do we have to grind out such a basic feature in a $60 game? Why are slots even limited in the first place?
I could see it being justified if this game was F2P, beacuse that’s just another avenue through which to entice the player to drop cash…
But this game is not free-to-play.

It is an incentive for you to keep coming back and playing the game to get more unlocks.


it forces you to make choices and don’t store 1 million pieces of gear. this way you are doing yourself a favor by not having to search through them and Gearbox as they have to save all that data on their server :wink:


I didn’t really have to grind for it. I just didn’t buy any loot packs until I got it because I knew I would need 1 upgrade. I won’t end 2, at least for awhile so I am now buying packs. If you are full you can’t buy loot packs so you will eventually have enough saved up for the upgrade. Just play and have fun until then.

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This topic has come up on other forums for almost every other game I’ve ever played that uses player stash. Most Devs responded saying that all the stuff we stash actually takes up a lot of their server space. The more stash they give us the more we hoard. Diablo 3 is infamous for being stingy with stash and this was the exact reason given by Blizzard.

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I have enough incentives as it is with working towards min-maxed gear loadouts.

That’s not inherently a good thing. Also, hyperbole.

It doesn’t take much effort to sift through gear though.
You just need to remember three things at the most cases:

  • What is the item’s archetype
  • What color is it/whats its rarity
  • What is the secondary effect
    Plus you delete gear that is trash almost immediately.

Plus this isn’t a loot pinata game where we get three weapons for every enemy we kill like Borderlands or Diablo, so I doubt server space should be strained significantly seeing as how gear can’t be more than like a couple of bytes of data.

I’m also saving up for it, but once I get it it’s not gonna be a “oh wow I feel rewarded for my efforts” feeling. It’s gonna be more like a “finally my life can get started and i no longer have to thoroughly cross-examine every piece of gear i get with half-decent stats because i have no space” one.