Why are new/low level players so ignorant in Story-Mode maps?

I have yet to win an Advanced Story-Mode game (PC-Version) with a newb/low level player (newbie=Commander Lvl 5-20)…

  • They usually die left and right, don’t wait for resurrection, don’t care about side-objectives, “push the main objective” even tho we could take it slow and pick up all the loot and complete the side-quests on the map at certain stages of the story… no- they have to activate the next story-save point and ruin the entire map… And out of 5 Advanced Game attempts with such lowbies I have failed all 5… usually can’t escort the objective with a brainless headless chicken who thinks he is playing CS GO…
  • Ohh… and have I mentioned that in 3 other Advanced Story mode games the newbies left the game after getting killed 3-4 times and I could at least finish the story mode alone… So yeah, there are many troll-leavers as well who get into the game with you, waste 3-4 resurrects (insta respawning not waiting for “R”) and then they leave and most likely jerk off about how clever they were messing up your game…
  • By the way: IS IT POSSIBLE to REPORT LEAVERS in this game by the way? Does it even get punished or nobody cares about punishing troll-leavers?
  • God forgive they should maybe play the Story-Mode Maps in Normal mode first and NOT at Advanced difficulty when they are lvl 10ish and have 0 idea about the main and side objectives on the maps and the “secret/Hidden loot rooms”…
  • Honestly - Multiplayer story-mode in this game is a horrible/extremely frustrating experience…
  • Just like when you try to play Heroes of the Storm with “wannabe-DotA-Pros”, who think that HoS is also only about kills even tho most story maps have their own tactics that will win you the game even if you don’t have as many kills as the enemy team…
  • New players should really at least play each story-mode map once or twice alone to have even the slightest idea what to do on the map without rushing it and making the whole team fail…
  • I have never lost a single player game so far neither Normals nor Advanced games (played way over 100 of those) yet I have lost 5 TEAM Story-Games already thanks to ignorant rusher-pusher trolls…
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  1. I feel you.

  2. Try sending group messages/voiceparty invites as early as poss (during char select is an option) -
    imo the best chance to influence events under such circumstances.


Yes. Click on their names in the in game stats screen, go to reporting, and then for leaving early

Breaking Character…

The game has a learning curve if you’re just getting into it.
Part of why it needs an introductory mode.
It takes some getting used to.

For me this is the one thing “The Prologue” really needs! The mission was ment as “tutorial”, but some quiet important things are not mentioned yet.

Extralives are explained roughly, but it would be a huge improvement to have an objective to revive the wounded Deande.

Sideobjectives & looting could be explained in the Prologue as well.
Maybe let Mellka mention how low the funds are and that we need to burgle everything we can see.
Then let an ingame challange pop up, as “collect 15 pick-ups” or “Open 10 chests”.

At all I made the experience that some gamers dislike tutorials and never pay full attention to such things. Some even think its not necessary to learn anything at all, since “games are all the same”…
Never understood this, since I see every game as completely new experience I´ve to explore.

Also we should remember that Battleborn is played by ALOT of children. Its no 16+ or 18+ game. And children have to learn how to learn.
Often I ignore stupid behaviour in PVE and say myself that they are possibly 11 and just got the game for their birthday. Somehow this helps me not to get to angry about it^^


I dunno. When I play a new game I always play/try it alone (unless it’s a multiplayer only without any tutorials) and at a slow pace. I want to learn fast and not make the same mistakes in the future. That’s why when the new ops show up I just go solo, and take like ~40 minutes to beat it first time. I read every stuff, search every corner and analize what everything means that’s on the screen. Only a small amount of people do that…

They (new players) just jump in and rush through the content without analyzing a single thing they have on their screens. If they get no messages: “press space to jump” or “press right mouse button for an alternative attack”, or press and hold R to collect all the things at once" - they never (or rarely) try that. I have seen lvl 100 players that collect stuff from the chests by clicking every single item separately.

Everytime I start a new game, I go to options (video/audio etc) and controls, to see what this game has to offer and how complicated it is. Then, when the game starts I just push every single button to see what they do. It takes only a minute and you learn all the things quickly.

I do this stuff for more than 20 years while playing games and it’s a great habit to have.

p.s. and I don’t play missions with other random people anymore. I don’t like to carry them every single time when I play with new’ish players. The biggest problem is that they play the missions with “berserk mode” on. Then they die quickly and disconnect even more quickly. ^^

p.p.s. sigh.


I do the same :slight_smile: Check controls, play solo, carefully read instructions and hints, etc. But you can’t expect the same from all players, unfortunately. That’s why it’s important to arrange introductory elements to work efficiently and without too much interruption (that’s why some people don’t like/use tutorials).

I don’t even recall the game telling me how to revive or to pick up everything from a chest - these were things I tryed only because of Borderlands.

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Yeah I already knew everything from Borderlands and assumed it would work lol

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The odd tactful suggestion may be useful. The people in question may simply not know what they’re doing is unhelpful - and if they’re acting as if they don’t know, they probably don’t. Precisely why they might not know is irrelevant - you’re faced with a situation, what can you usefully do to alter it?

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Okay, so I re-read this post after I slept off my snarkiness, and I’m sorry for being a dick while you were venting. I myself played with a very dumb Kid Ultra in Thrall Rebellion. I’m a stubborn bastard though, so I kept that stupid ■■■■ alive until the end, while being the most thoroughly helpful person that I possibly could. It actually turned into a counter troll, as he started getting frustrated that I came flying in to clean up his messes and tell him how to play properly. Long story short, he left angry, and I left laughing. Nothing pisses a troll off like a full-powered high road.

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