Why Are Ninja Nerfs A Thing?

I don’t understand what GBX could possibly gain by not being clear and more deliberate in their patch notes. This is the second week in a row that the community has found changes that were not addressed in the patch notes or were misleading.

For instance Ambra’s heat mechanic has been made 50% less effect for burst damage, yet the patch notes made it sound like they fixed a rare bug, not completely changed the way it worked. Others have confirmed her lock-on beam range was nerfed, this wasn’t addressed at all.

Last week there were legendaries that were tweaked, etc. without any notice.

GBX we love BB and love knowing what our beloved characters are capable of at all times. Please give us clear information on ALL changes done in the weekly hot fixes. There are numerous guides, rankings, etc that changes to characters will effect, along with playing these characters and their gear, etc.


Weird thing about the Ambra stealth nerf to her engagement distance - it doesn’t feel consistent at all. Maybe this is a side effect of the huge performance hit I took w/ the Alani update, but it doesn’t feel like one set distance I can initiate her beam, sometimes I have to be literally on top of an enemy, like face to face, and sometimes it will work like 2 or 3 feet away. I dunno if it’s only the initial cast on an enemy that has to be right on top of them, but this was an altogether weird and entirely unnecessary change after the massive range nerf in the beta (which was necessary) & the massive damage nerf at launch (which was a bit on the overnerf side).

Yeah in my experience I have to be pretty much right on top of them to lock on, but once I lock on it can go a bit further out; basically how far it used to maybe a little less. The big thing to me is her heat. She was still viable and probably B tier in my book, but they cut her heat damage in half from 200 a hit to 100 and worded it like they fixed a rare bug.

And this is just one example. There are many things that they’ve changed and have been coy with the wording or outright didn’t say anything. This is a pretty big issue. The community wants this information and I can’t think of a reason they would be withholding it.

I’d guess the rare bug was the ability to do incredible amounts of dmg at close range if yal are talking about solar wind. Idk though, glad yal are here to find these things.

Well, in the patch notes they said something like “fixed a bug with Ambra’s heat”, which is her LT melee. When her heat was full it used to do 200 dmg per hit, now it only does 100. When you read the notes it sounds like they fixed an issue, but in actuality they nerfed it by 50%. This is the way Ambra’s heat has functioned since the beta.

Again, it’s just one example of them being vague or not mentioning changes at all. I think most of the community would like ALL changes to be written out and explained

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My biggest complaints with the game so far have been the poor matchmaking and the very poor communication from GBX. We get vague patch notes (if we’re lucky) about gameplay changes and valid criticisms of the game get responded to with: “We’re having internal discussions” followed by zero updates on the subject.

I expect far more communication from a company charging a AAA price for a competitive multiplayer game.

True enough that Gearbox’s patch notes aren’t the best. However, Gearbox has their creative director, several developers, and community managers responding to forum and reddit posts on a daily basis. They also provide weekly & monthly patches with community shoutouts and free in-game rewards. I don’t know what world you come from where AAA companies regularly do this, but it sure isn’t Earth.


Hey, you’re right. All too often AAA companies take your $60 and then disappear when you ask for support. Hopefully that doesn’t happen here. I’d be happy to trade the “community shoutouts” and “free” in-game rewards for some actual communication about how they’re using my money to fix the glaring deficiencies that are still in this game.

You may have lower expectations of GBX than I do.

I was one who wanted a nerf to Ambra’s range in open beta, but after all her other nerf, her range isn’t really an issue. I did feel as though something did change with her which wasn’t mentioned. Now, I know I was right. I appreciate the support but knowing how a character changes helps in knowing how to adapt their play-style.

However, I also understand why somethings are ninja fixed and not mentioned also… Including but not limited to exploits…

I agree with both sides presented in this thread to a degree.

I can see exploits not being mentioned, but nerfs/buffs/tweaks to gear should be elaborated on or atleast spoken clearly enough to where we know what is happening.

Stuff like “fixed a bug with Ambra’s heat” should be "now takes 8 melee to empty Ambra’s heat each doing 50% less damage. Was 4 Melees.

This is just an example. There’s gear tweaks that aren’t mentioned at all, etc.

Love the weekly hotfixes, love the communication, love the game, just wish the notes were clearer and included everything they change, except exploits.

There could be stuff they changed that we won’t notice for weeks.

I know for a fact from other games(even big companies like Blizzard) that patch notes do not match up with all the actual patch changes often because a lot of things do go in/don’t go in at the last minute.

Someone isn’t always available to quickly retype up the notes that get posted. It’s not some nefarious plot to screw you over, it’s just oversights/mishaps.

Well of course, but doesn’t change anything. It’s not the biggest of deals, but would be nice to have all information; especially in a game with gear, skills, etc where 1 stat percentage can make a difference.

Edit: I know in Destiny, COD, etc they are usually very specific. Not saying they don’t occasionally miss things, but most of the time it’s very descriptive and accurate.