Why are Ops limited to 3 players?

I’m just curious what the rationale is for limiting Ops missions to 3 players. Has this been discussed publicly? I’m relatively new to the game, and this is the only feature I’ve encountered so far that feels bad. There have been a number of occasions when I’ve been playing either story missions and/or bot battles with a full (5 man) group of friends, when the thought inevitably crosses my mind, “Hey, it would be great if we could also jump into some Ops missions…but we can only play with a 3 man group, so that’s off the table.”

I would love to hear some feedback as to how the decision was made to limit the players in Ops missions, as well as whether or not this is something that’s open for discussion and may potentially see some changes in the future.

I can say personally that bumping Ops missions to 5 man would give me and my friends further reason to continuing playing the game. I wonder if I’m the only one.

Here’s a more official response that’s been given.


Thanks for the response.

I understand the reasoning provided. I assumed it probably had something to do with balance.

Although I would certainly still prefer to have a five man option, even if it feels more “arcade-y” as they say, rather than have the option entirely off the table. The three man limit certainly reduces the likelihood that myself and my friends will end up playing it at all.

I’m just imagining: If Aria’s fight, and the Demon Bear’s fight are as hard as they are on three people, how difficult would it be with 5?


Imagine 5 Enforcers and 15 Brutes and 30 Evolved Thralls in the Aria fight.

Imagine no cubs, but like 50 Alpha bears and Scaven Alpha Bears in the Demon Bear fight.