Why are people so mean?

I am not a good player, I know this. I just wish others would stop yelling at me for dieing so much… but no… they yell at me, curse at me everything. I just want to have fun playing a game…


We all have to start somewhere and it sucks that you’re running into people like that. If you’re on the One, feel free to add me. I have a few people I play with who are pretty relaxed.

If not, maybe try befriending some people on the PvE missions or run PvP in private mode so you get more of a feel for characters.

Above all, don’t let internet douches get the best of you. :slight_smile: Good luck!


There are many reasons.

  1. This game is an online game. A game, in general.
  2. This is a MOBA. They are world-renowned for their toxicity, more so than any other gaming community.
  3. Usually these people are upset by a number of factors. They have legitimate reasons to be upset, but they should be trying to help you, not curse you.

They do too. Have you ever considered that you dying = the enemy team getting stronger,faster = your team getting destroyed despite their efforts = your team feeling like crap because whatever they do they’re deemed to fail because of YOU?

I’m not saying that flaming is justified, but you say it like it’s all them being meanies when you “just want to have fun”. That’s a pretty self-centered approach in a team focused game. If you play only for yourself then you just shouldn’t play with others.

It’s a competitive,team-based game. If you want to have fun and not worry about other people then play a single player game.

no,they should just keep it silent and avoid games with him in the future.
You don’t sign a trainer agreement when you buy the game. It’s cool when someone does take the time to help other players but it’s
1.an effort that makes the “trainer” have less fun because he hes to babysit
2.often that a player you try to help with how he plays will just say: “■■■■ your advice,I just want to have FUN and it’s FUN for ME to run into a 1v5 and die after frantically mashing buttons.”

When I stumble upon someone helpless I try to give a few words of advice like “please stick to your team” “don’t run in 1v3” “if you have trouble killing hero x then try harassing hero y or kill creeps and thralls” and then sigh deeply after no response whatsoever and wait for the ordeal to end.


my brother was building some stinger turrets and this guy called him a moron “build thumper turrets” despite the fact that my brother died 0 times and the other guy died 5+ times we both got a higher score then him, double the kills as well in the renegade. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
most people throwing the salt aren’t even “good” themselves so don’t feel bad. play, learn, have fun. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

This. This is the problem with not just MOBA, but games in general. It’s a real shame, too. The game just released. It’s not a month old, it’s training breaks are still on.

How do you think this game can possibly develop a community if people like you scare off new players every day? Call it Carebear, call it casual, call it whatever you want. But how are people supposed to learn if when they play, people curse and berate them? How can they grow as players?

This game doesn’t exactly have the best tutorial for PVP, I’ve been hearing. It doesn’t advertise it as a MOBA, either. So of course people are scared, and the way Matchmaking works is broken I hear too, setting Veterans up against new players.

I mean, you have 100+ hours in the game, they have 3-4, and probably haven’t played a game like it before. Stop being a jerk and try and explain the game to them, or don’t bitch. If you do try and help, and they ignore you, or insult you for trying to help - you can fire right back. But that’s not what is happening here.


Brush it off. Online games invites to toxic attitude since players can hide behind their screen and can say things they wouldn’t dare to say someone in real life.

When you ignore the haters (who usually projects their faults on someone else), you’ll have a much more pleasant time in game. I found the people complaining the most tends to also be pretty damn bad at the game themselves which makes it that much more hilarious that they have the nerve to complain about someone else playstyle.
You should consider joining a friendly clan to play with so that you also have consistency on who you play with.

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yeah,proper response.


If you’re on PC hit me up! And as a general advice if youre dying a lot, stick with the majority of your team and you’ll be fine. Play to the objective build a lot. If nothing make the enemy team say
"■■■■, that X characters so annoying"

That’s one of matchmaking issues. If you think you are not good and your stats reflect it, you should be matched with and against people that have the same behaviour. At least you wouldn’t get stomped by the ennemy and could even be with people that do not really care about playing ProPlayer Simulator 2016 and loosing at it… :slight_smile:

What you need to do is first play story missions by yourself or with others. It is good practice and dying isn’t as bad since your team can revive you and your death does not have the consequences of pvp.

If that does not entice you, then play private matches against bots. You can get an easier sense of the map and locations. You will see enemy abilities and know which you might want to avoid.

Hope this helps.

Unfortunately this is something that some people seem to be incapable of and so they endeavour to ruin everybody else’s instead.

My advice, if you are a mature person, mute them, ignore them, find other fun players to play with. However if you are like me, then add to your own fun by antagonising them, go healer and heal everybody but them, go tank and sit back watching until they die and then run in and be the hero for the rest of the team. Ninja the shards/boxes they are trying to get. I’m not saying sabotage the rest of the team tho, if they do go down, Rez them, just let the timer run for a bit.


mature persons read up on some character and modes, they learn based on their mistakes and then they improve. they still have fun. they don’t need to start a fight within a 5-man random team each match.


Another reason I’d like to see a “Players vs CPU” mode for the Vs. modes.

I love incursion but the randoms I get paired up with…not so much sometimes.

Fight fire with fire I say. Mature people wouldn’t attract this attention by being little bitches when they lose at a game.


then soon everything will be burning.

I admin another FPS game’s server, if you keep it nice the decent people return, if you ‘fight fire with fire’ the server is either empty soon or just full of fire-fighting fire-spitters, and empty soon too.

but to each their own

You can do that already if you have a pre-made group - just choose private story or versus instead of public, and the whole group goes in.

But agreed it would be easy if it was a game-mode option for randoms to do that on versus instead of only story (RvE?)

remove earphones from head - you can have fun and they can go to hell. I did this with Destiny Iron banner and now I am much better at it by ignoring them and finding my own play style.

can you not turn voice off so your hear nothing from them ?

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You are right. But I just can’t help myself when people are bullies and ruin other peoples fun, for what purpose? Does it help the person get better? Maybe sometimes, if that person has an F U attitude (like me) but when they then encounter a less skilled player they are more likely to give them grief, this is human nature. its a vicious little cycle and I wonder how many people who don’t have a similar attitude as me actually end up just quitting the game because they get upset, and that I feel is the real tragedy here.

As you said, each to their own, I am not preaching here, just giving insight into my stance is all.

@down32shot be like 10Tacle, not me.