Why are some of my legendaries not legendary anymore

Specifically the gun called the companion it was a legendary yesterday and now it’s not today.
Is this the ultimate nerf? Downgrading legendaries so much they turn into epic purple status?

my companion did the same while playing offline when i went back online it fixed it

Hmmm, I dont think I’m offline but I’ll check

So far I noticed the companion and tk’s wave both are epic when offline and legendary when online. I was so confused at first and my brother didn’t believe me. Lol I thought I was just trippin.

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If you click really fast through the title screens to load your character, the game doesn’t have enough time to apply any hot fix mini patches. Without the hot fix applied, you are essentially playing the offline version of the game even though you’re connected to the Internet.

If you wait 10 seconds or so on the title screen it will apply the hot fix. Another way to test whether or not the hotfix is applied is by pausing the game. Not pause with your echo, but legitimately pause the game (the menu with the quit and social options). If you get a pop-up asking you to return to the title screen to apply an update, it means you loaded up the game too quickly.

Hope this helps


Yeah its the hotfix not applying.

some gun like wave Jacob shotgun always turn to blue grade . you must click update game by back to main menu for turn it to legend grade .

I figured it out. I was offline because I needed to update my privacy settings.
Thanks guys