Why are the Eldrid not getting a Story Op?

It started off looking like all factions would get one as so far the character named in the DLC has been the star of it & predominantly had characters from their faction.
First came Attikus & the Thrall Rebellion for Jennerit.
Then we got Toby’s Friendship for the Rogues.
Then Oscar Mike vs. the Battle School was announced which is obviously UPR.

Now with the winter update having gone live, more trophies & achievements went up with them. Along with trophies for Beatrix’s lore & Oscar Mike vs. the Battle School, 2 trophies for unannounced story ops also went live:

Montana & the Demon Bear

Phoebe and the Heart of Ekkunar

Montana is another UPR character & Phoebe is obviously LLC.

So where is the story op with an Eldrid character as the star of it?

I am aware that the Heart of Ekkunar is Eldrid so they will probably feature in that story op, but that doesn’t explain the lack of their own like the other factions are getting or have already.

Possibly because three story missions were based solely on the Eldrid. I know that’s a bit farfetched, seeing as the UPR took up just as much and got two Ops; but it’s really the only explanation other than Gearbox simply didn’t want to.

The same could be asked of why they chose Toby for an Op instead of Shayne & Aurox or Orendi. He’s FAR from being the favorite Rogue. Gearbox may have simply gone with the ideas for Ops that they liked, and the end result is that it looks like it was going to follow a “one Op per faction” pattern that was never intended.

They’ve been announced for months actually

I imagine Montana and the Demon Bear will be an Eldrid one involving Boldur and HoE an LLC

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The last one’s on Ekkunar so I can see it being more closely to an Eldrid dlc instead of an LLC one even though Phoebe will be present.

[quote=“epicender584, post:3, topic:1554500, full:true”]I imagine Montana and the Demon Bear will be an Eldrid one involving Boldur and HoE an LLC

In the AMA, when asked about which characters the next 2 ops will showcase, he didn’t mention any Eldrid characters for either. In fact, the 3 characters he mentioned for HoE were Rath, Beatrix, and Phoebe.

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Ah. Well Eldrids have been meta since launch so I’ve heard enough from them

Oooh no wonder i thought your name was familiar…

Toby? I thought we ALL loved Toby. Praised Toby. Realized his full genius and utmost superiority. Praise be Toby, praise be Toby!

Also, that Battleschool trophy name… Joe King quality; “Magna cum laude --> Magnum gun loud”

(it censors the middle word in the college phrase…)

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Oh, i’m the first to advocate the “Church of The Destoyer”, but i must also accept the fact that Orendi and S&A are more popular… For now. Eventually, they shall be “cleansed”.