Why are the new heros locked on my account? I had purchased the Season Pass

What kind of information do I need to supply? I just logged into Battleborn to play and now find out that the newest released heros are all locked on my account. To make sure I did apply the code, I went back to Amazon, activated via Steam, and now it says that it’s already applied.

I would like to get into a game now but I can’t even try the newest characters.

have you gone to command and unlocked them with the keys the season pass gives you?

Maybe not. I’m not sure about that. I thought they were unlocked by default. I’ll go check. Thank you for your help by the way.

BTW, is it normal for my hero levels to be reset? I was only level 18 but I had quite a few levels in some, like I had Ambra at level 8, now my highest is level 2… what the hell!? It seems like I’ve kept my Helix unlocks though.

the keys are the reason then. ■■■■ help you with your other thing though, sorry :frowning:

I was wrong about the hero levels, I confused the NEW stuff icon near for the actual levels. NEWB mistake.

Where exactly do I find the keys though? I can upload a picture in a second but I see nothing to unlock stuff for free with keys.

just click on the locked character it will ask you if you want to unlock it with your keys

There’s nothing there though…

I think I remember at one point in time unlocking them with keys but now its’ relocked.

huh, this is beyond my scope of knowledge. good luck :slight_smile:

Nope, I did not see that at all.

Is this normal though? I mean I guess I could unlock them with the money but I’d rather not get into a messy support case where I shouldn’t have spent those coins and then end up screwed.

If it helps at all either the entire Steam page for Battleborn: Season Pass is now gone. I do remember them unlocking with that key thing now that I think of it.

You can just purchase them with credits. All Hero keys were converted to 47,500 Credits each. So you’ve gotten about 200,000+ Credits which is enough to buy all 5 DLC Characters!

Ok, thanks for the info guys. If somebody on an official stream said it, it’s probably just not really documented yet.

A quick forum search for “season pass” sorted by latest post produced nothing, as well as not finding anything related to “season” in the big update, so that’s why I originally posted this. Perhaps this will help somebody else if they also have this question

I actually just purchased a season pass today and didnt get any keys or credits to unlock the new characters. Already had unlocked Alani with the base account. I dunno man. It’s always something with this game…

I purchased the game a while back from Humble Bundle and bought the season pass about half a year ago. Haven’t played it as finding a friend who has the game and was online at the same time was very troublesome.

Logged in now to see what’s in the founder’s bonus only to find I haven’t been awarded, and also noticed the DLC characters also locked still despite the fact that I have a season pass. I’ve logged into the Command and nothing’s been unlocked/awarded. Would be interested to see how you guys get this issue solved.

EDIT: None of the Operations are unlocked either… game tells me I must own operations pack 1 or the season pass… and I own the season pass!