Why are there no daily challenges?

Battleborn is a pure Multiplayer experience, therefore you, Gearbox have to ensure that the few people, that bought the game and have fun with it are playing even in a month or two or longer

so you have to update as much as possible with new characters, missions, skins, taunts and so on

but what bugs me the most is, why are there no daily challenges like Complete mission X or kill 10 players online etc. ?

that would easily motivate enough people to play Battleborn regularly, Rewards could be Gear, Credits, XP-Boosts for a 1 hour or something like that

please think about something like that and update the game as much as possible with new content, it has so much potential but if you don’t keep the players motivated it will be dead soon i fear…

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It’s only been out for just over a week. They’ve got enough to deal with, with patches and updates coming soon, without worrying about introducing new elements. It’s a good idea to have daily challenges but this game will be far from dead if they don’t add it asap

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Theres another post on here talking about the future of bb. They’re working on daily challenges right now!

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you can’t tell me that they can’t build 2 teams, one for bugfixing and patching, one for future content

and things like daily challenges are pretty easy to do

really? that’s good to here, do you have a link for me?

Editt 9 point 8. also a lot of other cool stuff to read there :smiley:

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Really? Are you a game developer? Do you have experience in writing game coding? What exactly makes you qualified to expect a daily challenge implemented even within the next week? I’m sure GBX have plenty of different teams, but they will all be working on what they’ve been tasked with. GBX don’t have employees twiddling thumbs waiting on your genius ideas and they’re not going to hire more staff just to make it happen either


Best reasonable point ever @shinobido101 !!! Thanks fo bringing that issue up! :heart:

Gearbox are a very small game-developer company compared to giants like Blizzard, Ubisoft or EA. Its like comparing Apple with the freelancing electrician arround the corner.

I bet every single GBX-employee has his/her fair share of work to do due to these hard after-release-times. To say “Its an easy one, they just need to get their butts up” is a bit naive. I never led a gaming company before, did you?
Do we know how to schedule a games release, schedule patches&bugfixes, write them, implement them & pay your employees afterwards? I for sure do not know these things, so I don´t judge GBX in these regards.

Daily Challanges would be amazing though, and I bet GBX-devs are thinking the same. Would be cool to have big events as in ME3-multiplayer as well.

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@ shinobido101

Yes i am very experienced in writing code, i have lots of experience with database programming and i can tell you, building a timer that make a message pop up every day and changes something is really easy to do.

I’m 100% sure with a bit of testing and try and error this would be finished in 1 or 2 days max

We are a 3-man IT group in our company and we manage to do really much in 1 day. if we would be 10 or 20 man and could group ourselves we could achieve even more

Even 1 man could work on daily challenges because it’s not really a big deal, but i just wanted to mention it and like i said, if they don’t show, that they will support and update the game regularly and not take 1 Month for 1 patch, me and a couple of friend won’t be playing this game for long and for this game every gamer counts!

thanks for the link, i hope they won’t be taking too long :slight_smile:

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Databases have nothing to do with game coding do they?

And even so adding something like that would require a patch and depending on what system you play on other things get in the way of the release of said patch (Sony and Microsoft have to give it the go ahead before it can be released)

Either way you have no idea about the inner workings of GB so have no right to judge how fast they should implement stuff.

I think there is plenty of stuff for people to do for the moment before they implement daily missions, but I have no doubt we will see them in the future, the game has barely been out a week so we just have to be patient and wait and see what they do next. The Q&A linked above has a lot of good news of things to come, and its understandable they don’t want to rush into anything too big before they get any current issues addressed.

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it doesn’t matter if the game is out for 1 Week or 1 Month, it’s just a point i think is very citical for such a game

Naughty Dog did release 5 Patches in 2 Days for their Uncharted 4 MP Beta

i just don’t want to wait for weeks until something happens

We talk about a daily Challenge setup, that’s not really Game programming, it’s rather a Timer placed on the server that informs every player and changes the Challenge every day

not really spectacular doing that even i could do it with the game i programmed in school

There’s a difference between patches which fix issues and updates which add new features. Depending on what each of these is will depend on how quickly or not they can be implemented.

Adding challenges is more than just adding a timer. The challenges need to be devised and a range would be needed for players not to be repeating the same thing frequently and for them to be meaningful. Programming to check that the challenges have been met, or not, needs adding (and that’s not going to be a 5 minute job if there’s to be a range of challenges). Challenges require rewards, and these need to be decided on and integrated into these. The interface for this needs to be built into the game (where is the challenge to be shown, where’s the reward to be given/shown etc).

There’s a lot more to developing a daily challenge (and no doubt people will also want weekly challenges too) than you are suggesting.

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if i say to you, that even i could manage to implement something liek that, even if it’s nmot in the scale of an AAA-Title, then you can trust me on that, that with a little effort this could be done in 2 days max

but like i said i didn’t want to point that out, it’s more that i’m concerned what will become of Battleborn, not really many friend are playing the game and if they don’t add and patch a few thing frequently, they will lose most of the gamers pretty early :frowning: