Why are there so few multiplayer games?

I noticed there are few people playing multiplayer. Now, I remember launch day when the list was too long to even scroll. At times, you can barely find 5-6 games, most of which are STILL password-protected (players do that now).

So, will the situation get better? Any thoughts?

I fear this game is losing popularity, and I certainly don’t want that.

Those heavy bugs on the initial release got mp hard, people just give up and play something else.
And also the lack of a lobby.


yea, I think many left because of that ‘stuck on downloading content’ glitch and also no player rankings

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Remember that the games you find in the lobby are way less than the games active at that moment. (eg if you have 50 players, and they are all playing 6p matches, 48 of them will be in game without you knowing, and the other 2 will be stack in the lobby waiting for new players to join)

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Ranking would be awesome, don’t need to be a fancy one, just a level up with exp would be nice, stats tracking you know, I asked for it before the release

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You can actually see how many people are playing the game at any given point through steam charts. However, I don’t think there are numbers for MP Beta.

I think it is a bit disappointing not to see many games up, even if it is beta, and I am starting to think that the initial buggy launch may have contributed to a part of it as the reason this has happened. But every game has a huge number of people that initially play it and then just drop off usually.

It all comes to how the game was developed and the state of the game launch. I think we are sure to continue getting players as the game series continues.

If it makes you feel better, you can always count on me to be there to keep you company.

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I think one issue here is what happens when ‘beta’ ends, usually when a game is complete it effectively gets a second release and some hype to go with it, given only part of HW is in beta though it may be difficult to drum up interest once the multiplayer is in a better state.

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Maybe people are just working their way through the single player campaigns first.

Also I feel old, I don’t understand this desire for ranking and stats. Isn’t playing the game rewarding enough by itself?


Nobody likes playing in a buggy, unbalanced multiplayer environment.

I hope that Gearbox makes a big The Multiplayer Beta has ended! Announcement when everything is finally fixed, to grab the attention of all those that have already left us.


I hate beating the same old drum again, but a lobby that provided a list of people who are online and the ability to chat would go along way to improving enthusiasm for online play.


I am pretty sure this beta test is, first and foremost, to test connectivity. Features and balance will come shortly after, I’m pretty sure about that. Right now, the team did an excellent job listening to our complaints, and fixed most of the crashes and loading issues (even the downloading one!!!). Trust me, this is going to be fine eventually. I’ve started being hopeful.

Also, let’s not forget about the filtering problems.


Please, don’t refer things this way. The number in Steam right now 1,500 players. No matter how many people are NOT playing MP, you just need 7 of them, so there’s no need for panic.

Let me help you with that drum. I and four of my mates are actually gone on to play something else already. Hopefully things will turn around for MP with a Lobby etc… till then I might take a comp or two for a ride once in a while but as it stands it just does not ‘have it’ like 1999.

Launch bug, region lock and a lack of lobby did scare a few people as I see it.
I had to wait 20 minutes to fill a 2v2 game today.

I certainly hope things will get better somehow.

I was sort of thinking before that the forums are rather dead, too.

It’s like 30 regular posters and the occasional person that drops by to repeat a topic that’s already on the front page.

It’s really sad. Homeworld deserves so much more. 15+ years later, and HW1 hasn’t budged out of my list of the top 10 best games.

I remember years after HW1 came out, and Cataclysm was out, HW1 WON had as many games going/lobbying-up as HWRM does now 2 weeks after release. :confused:

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Yes, the forums seem rather empty too. I am really intrigued. The sales were awesome but still.

Seems it was near 200k. That’s just okay… Obviously a lot just got it for the singleplayer.

Back when HW1 was sold, 500k was a ton. But now days, lots of indiegames like Gun Point and Dust Force sell 300k-1mil. Cities Skylines seems to have sold 1-2million+ already.

HWRM is at 2,641 peak today. Cities Skylines 58,101.
Evolve is barely more at 4.4k. That’s a game where lots said it would get boring soon after release.
If it sold 200k, a little over 1% are playing it.

Multiplayer games just have to be REALLY good on release for people to latch onto it and tell all their friends to get it and play it with them. :confused: There are cases where they’re revitalized over time, but it’s rare.

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Ok, you guys are just scaring me now.


So I got the crazy theory but just hear me out.

It’s possible not as many people are playing multiplayer because they’re waiting for more bug fix patches so we can get to the balancing.

But like I said, it’s just some crazy theory I have.

Homeworld isn’t COD and we’re not COD kiddies. Let’s not panic and freak out now.

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Well the hardcore HW players will be there if it’s improved.

I was really hoping the game would sell more than a million copies and be a decent hit, though. I don’t think ending beta will do that without a good PR and advertisement campaign to do with it.

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